Saturday, May 01, 2010


I had every intention of blogging yesterday but things just got away from me!  It was my last work day before my week off for condo hunting (!!!) so you know I was busy trying to make sure I’m not leaving my co-workers high and dry.  In fact, when I’m done here I’ve got another hour or two of work to do.

My big day definitely required coffee


I really wasn’t feeling breakfast at all.  My hunger cues are totally out of whack right now…not to mention the fact that my fridge is pretty bare!  I decided I should get something into my tummy so opted for a Clif Bar…definitely not the best choice but it did the job.

IMG_5377 IMG_5378

Come lunch time I was definitely hungry due to my silly breakfast.  I was sooooo glad to have a leftover dish of Greek salad.  Nom!!

I added some leftover Navy beans for fibre and protein


Afternoon snacks of grapes and dried apricots


and the last of the vanilla Greek crack yogurt…with raspberries and granola…


I took a break from all things work, travel and condo related to spend the evening with my girls, Sarah and Cosette.  Sarah and I grabbed some dinner at The Armview while we waited for Cosette.

I am now addicted to their mozzarella sticksHealthy?  Nope.  Deeeeelish?  Yup! 


I had to take a pic of Sarah’s portabella burger because it looked soooooo good.  She said it was definitely tasty!


I went for their Haddock burger.  Delicious as always.

IMG_8850 IMG_8851

We girls sat and chatted and snacked into the wee hours.  Cosette brought beautiful, sweet fresh strawberries but somehow I was too busy talking to take pictures.

There may have been cheezies too.  :)  *giggles*

Definitely not the healthiest week or two around here…and now I’m off for two weeks of couch surfing and running around like crazy on the West Coast.  I’m glad Tiffaney has a gym in her building because I’m going to need it!!



Oh, PSShutter Island.  Weird.  I fell asleep.

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