Thursday, May 06, 2010

Hockey Food

Hi guys.  Sorry all of my posts are a day delayed and crazy long because I’m only doing one per day.  It’s tough to keep up while in vacay/condo hunting mode.

Yesterday I scheduled six more viewings with my realtor since nothing from my “potential favourites” list really panned out on Monday.  I had intended to get up and work out before heading out to do that, but decided reading my Sookie Stackhouse book for an hour was time better spent.  :)

Ran over to Starbucks for my morning jolt.  The problem with going out for coffee is that 75% of the time I come back with food too.  This time Lemon Loaf

IMG_5431 IMG_5434

I did eat half of a banana too right before running out the door to pick up my realtor.  Yes, I said pick up my realtor.  LOL.  Poor guy’s car totally died just as he came to get me…some sort of starter problem…totally beyond his control but man did he feel bad.  Thankfully Tiffaney doesn’t use her car during the day so she generously offered it up, so off we went.  I was soooo grateful to not have to put off those viewings since I’m totally in a time crunch here!  Five of the six sucked, but at least we looked!

When we were done, I decided to head to the mall for some retail therapy…and a few much needed new Summer wardrobe pieces.  While there I hit the food court for lunch.

The food court truly is a nemesis. All I ever want is tacos or Japanese.  And not healthy sushi, but a teriyaki rice bowl loaded with calories, sugar and probably MSG.

But not to worry, I had Subway.  :)  Six inch turkey on the parmesan bread, toasted.  Lettuce, cucumber, double tomatoes, pickles, and one line of the Southwest sauce. 

IMG_8920 IMG_8921

With a much needed bottle of water and two cookies to split up for treats later.  I ate one in the car when I finished shopping.  I did also stop and get a tall coffee at Starbucks on my way home, but totally didn’t even finish drinking it.

For our evening plans, Tiffaney and I were invited to watch the Canucks game at our friends Ingmarie and Alex’s.  They offered up dinner so how could we resist!?

I stopped and picked up some Holy Hummus, Stacy’s Pita Chips and fresh veggies to take with us…which I chopped up once we got there.

IMG_8926 IMG_8927

Ingmarie made a giant bowl of homemade guacamole, which everyone immediately devoured…


And for dinner she gave us the option of Bison burgers or Lamb burgers with gruyere cheese in the middle.  No boring frozen burgers for their hockey party!!

I chose Bison.  Ah-freaking-mazing

IMG_8928 IMG_8929

On a soft and squishy cheese bun with mayo, fancy ketchup, greens, tomatoes and a pickle on the side…


Um, yum.  That is all.

Alex offers up a wide array of fantastic beers (or wine, or cocktails for that matter) so I decided that might be the way to go with my fancy burger. 


Canoe Bavarian Copper Boch.  

Red, hoppy, and delicious.  One glass hit the spot!

And if that’s not enough, Ing baked off an apple pie she had purchased from a fundraiser…and served it with French vanilla ice cream


The only thing that would have made the evening better is if the Canucks had won!  Dammit.  (oh and if the perfect condo had magically appeared on the market…that would have been nice too…)  

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Kara Hadley said...

If I people always served food like that at sporting events maybe I would watch more. That pie looked to die for.

Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty said...

yum!!! :) All that food sounds so delish!!! :)

Sounds like your life is going to be so different after you move hey?! I'm excited for you!!

A great place will come up for you!! It has too!!

Liane said...

I'm trying to resist the lemon raspberry loaf at starbucks right now. must resist... must resist...

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Bison burger with gruyere cheese...that sounds REALLY good!

I should know better than to read your blog when I'm hungry - everything always looks so good :)

Hope the condo of your dreams materializes for you, and at a low price, too!

Becca said...

That squishy burger bun looks amazingly yum. Even better with Mayo on the burger.. ~winks~

No condo still though eh? Fingers crossed!

Angie All The Way said...

I had a bison burger ONCE at Ruby Tuesdays in the US and it was the BEST burger I've ever had! I WISH we could buy bison here!!

*fingers crossed* that you find the perfect condo while you're there!

tash said...

I really hope you find the perfect condo!