Thursday, May 27, 2010

In Focus

Today was a day of focus in the work department.  I was running behind on a project I usually chip away at for a few days so I decided just to put my head down and get’r done.  :)

Coffee with vanilla soy to start the day…


Fuelled up with my current obsession…almond butter.  Marie created a nom-nom monster!  On sprouted grain toast with banana and Superfood Spread.


I kept focused and puttered along, taking water breaks and Twitter breaks so I would tire out too soon.  The good thing about a project like this is that my brain is busy and doesn’t get bored and start thinking about food. 

I made lunch only when my tummy actually alerted me that it was time.  Leftover slice of veggie & hummus pizza with salsa


…with cucumber and carrot sticks.


Afternoon snack was fresh pineapple…juicy, but have you ever noticed how sometimes acidic foods make you feel more hungry?  I knew as soon as I ate this that it wouldn’t tide me over until dinner.


Instead of snacking my way through the late afternoon, I buckled down and finished my project (yay!) so I could get straight to making my yummy bigass salad.

What started out in my mind as some sort of simple romaine and tomato salad with grilled chicken quickly turned into a freaking awesome collaboration of deeeeeliciousness!


Fresh, crispy romaine tossed with diced carrots, Gala apple, sliced red grapes, avocado, a few almonds, and dried cranberries…


Dressed with my favourite combo of olive oil, drizzle of honey, squirt of lemon juice, and salt & pepper…


And topped with boneless, skinless chicken breast bites which I marinated in Italian dressing and sauteed in a sprayed non-stick pan.


Could be the most delicious salad I’ve made in months!!  Nom!!

After dinner I got to work on the cookies I meant to make last night before I got all caught up in the stooopid TV!  Of course, upon opening the pantry I realized I was out of oats!!  Gah…I guess since oatmeal season seems to have officially ended I forgot to put them on my shopping list.  Booooo. 


Oh well…a trip to Bulk Barn was made.  Um, how did those PB M&Ms get in my bag?  (I cannot get out of BB without a treat!!)


The cookies are cooling…I will tell you tomorrow how they turned out…but they smell DIVINE!  I also love that the recipe only made one dozen…which is great now that I don’t have Arron to feed my cookies to (not that he would have eaten anything with dried fruit in it!).

On my way home from BB I finally remembered to pick up my mail.  It’s been a week.  I knew I had a package from Becki waiting because she was sweet enough to send me her extra iPod charger when I threw out a shout out wondering if anyone had a spare (Arron and I shared one and I let him take it to Sudan with him).  Well, didn’t that lovely girl include a cute note and special treat along with the cable!!


Vanilla Rooibos Tea!  I’m soooo making a homemade tea latte this weekend!  I think maybe I talk about this stuff too much…she even mentioned that she would have sent me a Starbucks donut but didn’t think it would travel well.  LOL.

Do I need an intervention?  :)   

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Laura said...

JAIME ... your salads make my mouth water EVERYTIME. I want to jump in that big bowl & bath in that salad

Weighting Around said...

Why does everyone else's food always look more appealing than my own? I want to eat with you Jaime!

Anonymous said...

I cook for one too,but find you make such great salads and take time to chop nicely you think you would me more sloppy/throw it in however like me if you didn't have a blog?
Has having a blog changed how you would cook/present for one if noone was looking?
Otherwise I guess I just am a true lazy slob ?! ;)

Becca said...

Whoa, wait up! When did Starbucks start finally selling their Vanilla Rooibos tea??!? I got addicted to this during the winter months, and they totally didn't sell the stuff when I asked.

Anonymous said...

That salad looks awesome, mmm grapes are fantastic in them aren't they?

I can't wait to see the results of the cookies!

Liz @ lizrunsdc said...

I'm always jealous of your salads!
p.s. when are you moving?? I have to send you your package but clearly I suck and haven't done it yet. I think I can get away from work today to do it though!