Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Loving Lemon

It’s so warm and beautiful today!!  When I opened the door to step outside this morning I was shocked by the wall of warm air I walked into.  Amazing!  Of course, I’m sitting here working indoors but it’s still nice to know that good weather has arrived!!

Sipped coffee en route to the chiropractor this morning.  A good treatment seems to have helped with the ‘pain in my ass’.  Fingers crossed I don’t need any extra sessions!


Bad girl didn’t eat breakfast before heading out so it was kinda late when I did eat.  I kept it light so as to not throw my schedule too far off.  Stonyfield organic vanilla yogurt with sliced banana, blackberries and granola…


For lunch…leftover Lemon Noodles!

In a large skillet I simmered some water with a big squeeze of lemon and a dash of salt.  To this I added chopped farm fresh spinach for a quick pan-steam…then added the leftover noodles and kale buds to reheat. 

Added more lemon juice, some chopped tomatoes, cracked pepper and about 1 oz of crumbled light feta.  Toss and voila!  Creamy redone leftovers.


Dare I say this was better than last night’s dinner?  :)


I was near Sobey’s this morning so I caved and bought some Sabra hummus.  I’ve been dreaming about it for a couple of days and it did not disappoint.  There’s a reason I call it crack-hummus!


With farmer’s market carrots and In Snax herby pita crisps.  Nom!!!


Work is calling so off I go!  But I see a walk in the sun, some sort of Booty Camp workout, and a bigass salad in my future.  yay!

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Scott from YourInnerSkinny said...

Do you go to the Booty Camp classes here in the city or do you have some sort of DVD?

Jaime said...

I have been to the Booty Camp Fitness class here in the city, but now I just use the DVD they sent me. It's great!!