Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mama’s Day

Just when I think I’m getting caught up on blogging, I’m not!  I’ll get there I swear!!  :)

Sunday morning I slept WAY in.  In fact, I think you would call it Sunday afternoon.  I totally needed it and Mom’s house is a sleep-in house anyway so no harm done. 

I decided to trot on off to her local Starbucks for Mother’s Day coffees and such.  Funny enough, it was my Mom that reminded me of my love affair with coffee mistos and saved me from yet another supah huge fatty latte.  :)


Grande non-fat half-sweet hazelnut bold coffee misto! I used to be a barista and we called similar orders the “official pain in the ass”. 

And just because I’m on a roll with snacks I picked us up a slice of Lemon Loaf and the new Lemon Raspberry Loaf…to share.


Someone commented the other day about not liking Starbucks baked goods because they are often dry.  I generally agree, but I will say that the Lemon Loaf is always moist and I’ve never had a bad Starbucks donut!

A little later I decided maybe I should eat some real food.  Mom finally found the Liberte Greek yogurt in her supermarket (Country Grocer for anyone that might be in Nanaimo) so she picked up a tub of the vanilla.  I had a big scoop of that on top of some leftover fruit salad, with a sprinkle of hemp seeds…

IMG_9098IMG_9099 IMG_9100

Then my Mom took ME out for Mother’s Day dinner and a movie.  LOL.  It’s not my fault! She had coupons and freebies and stuff! 


We saw Ironman 2 (fabulous…RDJr is tres hawt), ate some popcorn, drank some water, and had a lovely time.  Although we both decided the theatre needs comfier seats! 


Then headed out for dinner at Romeo’s afterwards.  Kind of late to be eating cheesy pasta, but after the food free-for-all week I’ve been having I don’t think time matters right now. 


I went with the Baked Lasagna

IMG_9109 IMG_9110

And a small Caesar salad


Nom!!  Thanks for the date night, Mom!

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Lady J said...

You're very welcome, daughter!

Becca said...

Ooohh, I'm going to see Ironman 2 with my Monkey when he's in town next week, here's hoping we enjoy it as much as you!

Kris | iheartwellness.com said...

Hey Doll!!

I can't wait to see Iron Man2! I am so glad you said it was good...some people are saying the first one was better?

Mmm nothing beats a good S'Bucks visit!


Shayna said...

Haha, I keep wanting to make my Starbucks order even more complicated (ideally an iced double tall half-sweet non-fat no-whip mocha), but I don't want to annoy anyone. :P