Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Ugh.  For the first time ever I just accidentally deleted all of tonight’s pictures from my memory card before uploading them to my computer.  Eff.  And I learned the hard way that when you do that the photos don’t go to the Recycling Bin. 

Bummer because today was a good day!!  In fact, dinner was a deeeeelish dairy-free hummus and veggie pizza…which was supposed to be a guest post for Jessica’s blog.  Here’s hoping Tammi can help me recover them in the morning…she says she has a program to retrieve them.  Phew.

After my whirlwind weekend with the girlies, today was all about healthy eats and sleep.  Almond butter, Amazing Grass smoothie, bigass salad with feta, fruit and and the aforementioned veggie pizza on homemade crust.  And a glorious nap mid-day…instead of a workout. 

Recovery bliss!!!

Don’t worry, I still have some fun photos for you.  Look at the awesomeness that Marie brought me!!! 

002 011

A Toronto Starbucks mug (which I was totally excited to use this morning).

An amazing Northern Ireland architecture series mug to match my Moscow mug from Debbie.

003 004 005 006

And she scooped a bag of Cafe Verona from her brother.  Thanks Jainey!! 


And then last night when I got home I found a sneaky little gift from Tara…a thank you card, complete with Starbies GC! 

010 008

All this and all I had to do was make the spare bed for them!  :)

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Laura said...

I'm pretty sure you have aStarbucks obsession & I kinda love it.

next time i stop in at Starbucks I'm getting you a mug

Jaime said...

haha. It was totally an accident! But yes, I kinda love it too!!

Nellers said...

Ooh! Love the Mugs!! My SIL would kill for them! :)