Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Awwww yaaaaa!  My accidentally deleted photos have been retrieved thanks to Tammi and a great program she hooked me up with.  Technology doesn’t hate me!  I will now be able to finish writing my guest post for Dairy Free Betty!

Today was another simple, easy, healthy day.

Coffee with vanilla soy…


Almond butter has returned to rotation, thanks to Mouse. 

A new jar of Crofter’s Supercrack has been opened.


I discovered a new type of sprouted grain breadStonemill Bakehouse 3 Grains & Oatmeal…

IMG_5934 IMG_5937 IMG_5938 IMG_5939

Chewy & delicious.  Definite competition for my beloved Squirrelly bread…which is still hard to find around here!!

Fruit for a snack…


Veggie sticks and Sabra hummus for lunch…


Alongside a slice of homemade veggie & hummus pizza


After work I totally hit a wall, so it was good that I had planned a night in.  After tweeting with Lex today I decided to pamper myself with a face mask... 


hahahaha.  Zombie anyone?  My face was hard as a rock!!

Dinner was light.  A simple salad of mixed greens, grape tomatoes, and light cheddar…


Served with a grilled smokie


And Wheat Thins for crunch.


Can you tell I am working with whatever ingredients I can find in the crisper, freezer and pantry?  I’m determined not to shop this week.  Well…maybe veggies.  :)

No dessert.  I was too busy watching the American Idol finale, trying to win a cute apron in OSG’s Charity Auction, and keeping up with Twitter. 

I think an intervention from TV is in order over here.

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Becca said...

I love the little bowl of crackers on the side of your plate, how cute is that little touch and what a fab idea!

Lex said...

YES!! You posted a pic!! I did a mask and it felt great but it TERRIFIED my kitty. The smell got him so scared. :(

I heart smokies! Do you find that some east coasters don't know what smokies are? When I talk about it at work some people think I'm crazy. "uhh, lex, don't you mean sausages??"


Anonymous said...

Hehehe, love the mask. :)

Your day looked a lot like mine, loads and loads of produce after a weekend of treats!

Mmm smokies, we've got some in the freezer that I'm saving for the weekend.

Sandra said...

Hi, Just wondering if there is a chance that you have or will be posting the recipe for the veggie and hummus pizza? :)

Jaime said...

Hi Sandra! That pizza was designed as a guest post for Dairy Free Betty. When she posts, I will definitely be including a link. It's crazy easy and deeeelish!

Jocelyn said...

lol I love the face mask pic. I do those at least one a week...