Friday, May 14, 2010

Return to ME

Instead of boring you all to death with yet another photo of a Starbucks coffee or leftovers or travelling treats (I lost a follower today and I’m sure it’s because the last 12 days have had nothing to do with healthy living!!) I have something much more up the usual alley of Embracing Balance

healthy plans!!

I’ve been sitting here working away this morning but totally distracted by my excitement to get home and get back on track.  As much as this trip has been super fabulous (minus the part about leaving without a new condo!) I just cannot believe how far off the healthy track I have fallen.  It’s just nutty!!  A lot of it was circumstance but for the most part it was just me throwing all of my usual good choices out the window.  This is NOT how I planned to live through this trip. 

Isn’t it funny how easy it is to forget who you are?

I let the stress of condo shopping take over. 

So here I sit with my yellow legal pad madly scribbling notes, ideas, plans, meal ideas and a grocery list.  I arrive in Halifax at 7am tomorrow morning and I’ve already asked Cosette if we can go to the Farmer’s Market on our way to my house.  Might as well land on the right foot!

My inspiration is coming in part from Sammie’s Challenge.  While I cannot commit to the 8 weeks she has set out at this time, I can borrow some great ideas and motivation.  I have one solid week to regain my balance and get on track before our Blog Girls May Long Weekend GTG and I plan to use every single one of those days to the best of my ability.

If I can lose the guilt and the bloat, regain my strength and commitment, and stick to the plan for that one week…I just know that any little indulgences that crop up over the party weekend won’t throw me completely off the track like the last 12 days did.  It will help to be back in my house with my kitchen, fridge and grill ready and waiting…and it will help to be back within a 5 minute drive to my gym.  I can do this!

A few notes thus far:

  • WATER.  3-4 litres per day.  Without fail.
  • Limit caffeine.  2 cups coffee before noon.  No Starbucks.  No lattes.  No creamer.  No white sugar.
  • Meal Plan.  3 meals. 3 snacks. Flexitarian.  No red meat or pork.  Use the BBQ.  1 bigass salad per day.
  • No desserts or sweet snacking.  No mindless (or mindful!) night time snacks.  Tea and fruit after dinner if needed.
  • Limit dairy.  Organic probiotic yogurt OK.  Feta for salads OK.
  • No added sugar.  Easily eliminated by avoiding Starbucks and snacking.
  • Be active. Sweat a lot.  Walk EVERY morning (plus stretching & breathing). 3-4 cardio + strength workouts per week.  2 x yoga class per week.
  • Take vitamins.  Multi, calcium.
  • Sleep properly.  In bed before midnight.  Up with alarm.
  • Watch less TV.  Read more.  Take breaks.  Follow budget.  Make to-do lists.  Enjoy friends without food.  Just breathe.

Anyone else feel like they need a giant kick in the pants right now?

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Liz @ lizrunsdc said...

Looks like a solid plan. I definitely felt that way when I got back from vacation, especially the salad and active bullet points. I feel like when you come back wanting to get back into your healthy routine as much as you do right now, it's much easier. Have a safe trip home!

karen (and john) said...

I love the looks of your plan! I don't think I'd be able to do it even for a week ... but, then again, I didn't think I'd ever actually enjoy riding the bike in my basement for any amount of time and now I'm actually in the process of trying to bribe the kid into going down to ride his just so I can ride mine!

Cat said...

LOVE IT, In FACT, I may steal it so that I be good and ready for my weekend with you girls!!

Obviously you can do're a rock star.

Kara Hadley said...

i need quite a few kicks in the pants right now. it's just so easy to get off track when your normal routines go out the window.
but i'll keep you honest if you keep me? haha

Ali @ Fat to Fit said...

That's exactly how I'm feeling right now! I needed to kick my own ass, and get organized. It's all about beign prepared, and it's so easy to let that just slip away...whoops! I'm doing something very similar this week, and I think it's just a the kickstart we both seem to need!

You'll have the BEST time at your blogger get together - enjoy it!

I have totally enjoyed your posts the last few days, by the way, but do miss your healthy food porn....I'll be glad for its return!

Jenny said...

Sounds like a fantastic plan!

After being away, not tracking and not looking out for my portions, I feel that I will be doing something quite similar to this. Yesterday I went out and got a bunch of groceries for meals I will be making for the week- really looking forward to some whole eating and a lot less junk eating.

Looking forward in reading about how this plan goes for you! Have a safe trip back and it was great meeting you!

Take care,

Laura said...

going away is so tough but your plan sounds fantastic.

i cant wait to read more. i'm seriously bad with water so i'll be trying to get more in.

Jenny said...

Awesome planning! You can do this, I need a huge kick in the pants to get back on track too, but you have just given me some motivation.

Nicole said...

Ummm... ME!!! I need a kick in the butt big time!!!
- just coming back from vacation
- just going through a breakup (although a peaceful one with a good friendship as a result...but it still SUCKS!)
- being sick and laying in bed for like...four days..

I am officially giving myself a kick in the butt to start excersing regularly again!!! (just as soon as I stop hacking my guts out...)


Christina said...

I have been lurking on your blog for awhile, I love your humour. Just started my own blog so come check it out

Me, Only Better said...

I have just given myself a huge kick in the pants (it's more difficult than it sounds!). I am trying to incorporate many of the things that you have listed: more water, no red meat/pork, no desserts (that's a hard one), and way more activity!

Anonymous said...

I noticed that your usual healthy motivating pictures were not quite so motivating this past week! LOL!

My first suggestion would be to go ahead and drop the guilt now, because you don't need it, and you live a superhealthy lifestyle 98% of the time!

I just kicked my own ass a couple of weeks ago by following much of Clean Eating magazine's 2-week meal plan, and I feel SO much better. I'm sure a few Big Ass Salads and you'll feel like a new woman.