Thursday, May 13, 2010

Third Time’s a Charm

Just got back from the first of what I hope is many meet ups with Victoria bloggers!  I’m gonna need some new recruits when I finally get moved back here cuz I’m not sure Victoria is used to my crazy food photo antics!  :)

After months of chit chat I finally got to meet Jenny and Liane!!  Sorry no photos cuz we talked too much and I promised Liane I wouldn’t paparazzi her this time.  Hear that Liane?  THIS TIME ONLY!  Thanks ladies…it was great fun…see you again soon!

Back tracking to this afternoon…

I went for a walk as I promised.  Um, my walk may have taken me past Starbucks during Frappy Happy Hour


I don’t even really like Frappucinos…I get brain freeze and I hate that you can suck all of the flavour out and be stuck with half a cup of icy yuck.  But for half price I was willing to try out one of their new concoctions…


Talk about making it hard on the baristas!  You can modify the living snot out of these drinks now too.  haha. 


Grande non-fat extra coffee caramel blended something or other…with easy whip.  Insane.  And hilarious because next time I would order half-sweet and no drizzle!

It was good, but I had to let the second half melt down so I could finish it.  Stupid icy yuck.

It was BEAUTIFUL outside today…

IMG_5530 IMG_5526 IMG_5532 IMG_5536 IMG_5545

Admittedly I now owe Nicole a bag of Baked Ruffles because my frappy didn’t fill the hole at snack time this afternoon…


For dinner, Tiffaney picked me up and we headed to one of our favourite spots…Ferris’s Downstairs.  We even got to sit out on the back patio because it was so lovely!

I don’t even need the menu.  The whole reason for going there is their Chicken Penne Soup.  Deeeeelicious spicy broth chock full of veggies, noodles, chicken and dumplings.  I always order an extra couple of dumplings…

IMG_9146 IMG_9147

With their house salad with homemade lemon feta dressing.  Best.dressing.evah!!!

IMG_9143 IMG_9144

Hilariously I’m wearing my “food paparazzi” t-shirt and the waiter totally busted me taking pics of dinner.  :)  The shirt works!

I plowed through that salad with reckless abandon.  haha.  And as always, saved half of the soup for tomorrow.  Although I can hear it singing to me from the fridge right now.

After dinner we headed on over to Starbucks to meet Liane and Jenny (yes, if you are paying attention that was THREE trips to Starbies today…I have issues).  I opted for a simple Vanilla Rooibos tea


Um, and maybe a friggin huge apple fritter.  :)  I’m telling you…BEST DONUTS EVER.  EVER!  I promise I worked it all off by talking a lot. hahahaha.


So now I’m enjoying my last chance to watch FoodTV before heading back to Halifax…land of the “pay for a whole stupid bundle just to get FoodTV so I don’t have FoodTV”.  What a nightmare for a food addict/TV addict!!!

And one last noteHAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!

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liane said...

Whatever, I clearly have the same issues, given I hit up Starbucks 3 times today as well.
Mmmm... lemon raspberry loaf!

So nice to meet ya, have a safe trip back to Halifax, and we'll definitely be doing more blogger meet ups once you head back west!

Maybe next time I'll even allow a picture or two ;)

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Ack! There's one of those apple fritters again!...if there could be little photos on my body identifying where all my extra poundage came from, 80% was donuts, especially THOSE apple fritters! (But no one made me buy them and no one made me eat them, but me.) I wish I were like you, and could stop at one. :)

Vanilla Rooibos question: What do you put in it? Sugar? Milk? Anything else? I still want to try it, but haven't yet!

Can you get the Food TV shows on iTunes? Hulu? I think you should start your own Food TV show :)

Lady J said...

Thank you for getting that final Happy Birthday shout-out in just before midnight sweetheart... you're an amazing daughter & friend. Thanks also for making this a wonderful Mother's Day and birthday for me, only you knew how special this one was!!!

Love you xoxo

Cici said...

love that daises pic!!:)

charityCakes said...

Oh my gosh, I stumbled upon you blog and saw the pic of the soup and thought to myself....that looks like Ferris' Epic Chicken Penne soup....and it WAS! Totally one of my top fave things ever!! Loved hearing about your trip to Vic!