Saturday, May 08, 2010

Totally Missed a Day…

I actually managed to squeak in a workout on Friday…first (and maybe only) one of the week.  Tiffaney has a pretty nice little gym here in her building, so I put on my workout gear as soon as I got out of bed and headed downstairs in the hopes of finding the treadmill free.  And it was!

  • 20 minute treadmill run
  • Quick and dirty strength session:  overhead presses, bicep curls, hammer curls, squats, lunges, hamstring curls on the ball, crunches and one very painful plank for a minute.

Then I took my sweaty face around the corner to Cafe Fantastico for a real latte (by real I mean I didn’t Starbucks the hell out of it…LOL.  Yes, I used Starbucks as a verb.)…


And decided to try a pastry from the highly touted Fol Epi bakery attached to the cafe.  I’ll have to do a whole post dedicated to this little gem, but suffice to say this was one soft, buttery, deeeeelish pain au chocolate


After I got cleaned up, I headed out to re-view the two condo contenders. Sadly, I still don’t feel like either is home.  Argh.  The one really great one has a no dog policy for the building…and although I don’t have a dog now, I’ve wanted one for a long time and I just cannot bring myself to give up that dream just so I can buy an apartment.  The other one is decent enough…and with some TLC it would be really cute, but I’m still on the fence.  If I don’t love it now…will I ever? 

So after that I just came back to Tiff’s to think about it and relax.  Lunch was just a bowl of fruit salad I put together…grapes, banana, and Gala apple…


Topped with yogurt and granola…and goji berries I found in the cupboard.  I’ve never had goji berries!  I loved them!!  Chewy and slightly sweet. Nom!!

IMG_5450 IMG_5453

In the afternoon I munched on my leftover Subway cookie and grabbed another coffee from Fantastico…this time just a brewed cuppa joe…


And took James Dean for a walk around the little waterfront area right outside here.  Yes, Tiffaney lives in like the best location ever.  Maybe I’ll just live on her airbed in her living room forever.

IMG_5484 IMG_5490

Dinner out was with the other Jamie and her hubby Chris.  I asked them to go for Vietnamese because I know they like it and for some reason Halifax doesn’t have any Vietnamese restaurants.  I haven’t had Pho in two years!

So we hit up Saigon Night

I took a picture of their tofu appy because it was pretty.  :)


And I enjoyed every last noodle in my Pho Noodle Soup!!  Jamie and Chris finished before me and I warned them that they would have to wait while I cleaned my bowl. LOL.

IMG_9008 IMG_9009IMG_9010

We did hit up Starbucks after dinner for some chat and dessert.  I had a tea latte and a glazed donutWhy does Starbucks have better donuts that most donut shops? Nom!!

And back at Tiff’s we may have enjoyed some crunchy Cheetos because I’m addicted and can’t seem to watch Thursday night TV without them.  *grin*  Anyone else notice how gory Grey’s seems to be getting?  ick.  I think Tiff is right…it got more about the gross operations after ER went off the air.  *shudder*

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Kerry said...

I loove goji berries! i have them on my cereal every morning and i swear they help my skin! xx

uandthenewme said...

Halifax actually does have a Viet. restaurant. It is on the corner of Barrington and Morris, its called Gingergrass Thai and Viet. I eat there once a week, they have pho soup there and their pad thai is so fresh and delicious. I love it there, Check it our when your back.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your blog! ;)
Could you rent a spot for now and allow yourself a little time to condo hunt?Bet you could find some great apts in Victoria....
but best of luck and congrats if you do buy!What a whirlwind adventure life is huh?

Becca said...

I thought I was coffee nut, but Sugar - I think you kick my butt!!! I love me a Starbucks, but I'm cheap. So I cheap out and hit up Timmy's - daily.

The only part I disagree with you on is the Starbucks desert selection. I think they look fantastic, but never taste even half as good as they look. I find them dry, tasteless and stale. I also tell myself that after several attempts, the treats will always be this way. Keeps me from even attempting to indulge in their sweet.

Now, I do enjoy their breakfast turkey bacon sandwich....