Monday, May 03, 2010


Yesterday was a 21 hour day.  Can you say zombie?

Started out with a 5:15am alarm.  Ewwww.  Followed by a 5:45am trip to the airport.  Also ewwwww.  (but not ewwww to the awesome friend that got up and drove me at that ungodly hour!).  There was a much needed tea during the drive.

I experienced the fastest check-in ever.  Seriously 2 minutes flat.  Thanks Westjet!  Because of that I had plenty of time to wander the airport, get a Starbucks bevvie and even checked my email and such before boarding.


I packed some traveling snackies for my 5+ hour flight.


I munched one of the bananas before boarding.

While up in the air I actually managed to sleep almost the whole time.  I did stay awake until the first drink cart went by though so I could have my usual apple juice and get my hands on some Bits & Bites.  I love those things.

IMG_8856 IMG_8859

When I woke up I ate half of my PB&J and about half the bag of grapes.

My flight connected through Calgary, but I was literally only there long enough for a pee break and then loaded onto my next plane to Vancouver.  Cat and Breanne were there waiting for me!!  Cat brought me an icy cold bottle of water…so needed…damn dehydrating airplanes!

The girls took me to Milestones for brunch.  For some crazy reason I ordered a Caesar.  I guess because being tired is somewhat like feeling hungover…haha…


It was too spicy…I drank half of it.

For my meal I just could NOT pass up the Grilled Shrimp California Benedict…

Spicy house-made avocado salsa, double-smoked bacon, large grilled shrimp…with medium-poached eggs & hollandaise of course…

IMG_8864 IMG_8865

Yes, it was as good as it looks.  So freaking yum!!

On our way to hang out at Cat’s place for the afternoon I asked the girl’s to stop for a coffee…


Iced Half Sweet Hazelnut Non-Fat Latte

It was sooooooo nice to just chill with the girl’s on the sofa and chat for a few hours. I missed my Cat!  So awesome that we will soon only be a short ferry ride apart.


The girlies put me on the 7pm ferry to Victoria.  By this time I was nearly asleep on my feet, but I took myself straight to the cafeteria where I really wanted a cheeseburger, but opted for a salad

IMG_8869 IMG_8870 IMG_8871

I realized afterwards that I chose the wrong, calorie laden dressing…oh well.  It was tasty!

I was really annoyed for the incredible overuse of green peppers though.  Ewwwwww.  Look at them all!  NASTY THINGS!!!


After that I grabbed a tea and pulled out my laptop.  Love that I had some HIMYM episodes to keep me awake and entertained!


Tiffaney picked me up and brought me back to her place where my cozy airbed awaited.  I managed to last a couple more hours for catching up and girl talk before we called it a night.  It was around 11pm here so my body thought it was 3am!!  Not surprisingly, I slept like a log.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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Christy said...

OMG, green pepper mania! Were they on sale or something?! Hope condo hunting went well today. Give me a shout if you're in this neck of the woods :)

H-woman said...

All of the other peppers are so tasty, why would they wreck a salad with the vile green ones?

Happy house hunting!


Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty said...

oooooooh bits and bites... flying west coast - east coast is brutal for those buggers.. haha... we get so sick of them by the time we are in Newfoundland... thanks for the reminder, I will have to pack myself snacks!!!

Becca said...

I agree, traveling in the early hours of the morning is VERY tiring and makes the day go on forever. I once took a like.. 6:30am flight, and since it was international had to be like 2hrs early.. and it's an hour drive to the airport... very early start to the day.

Amy said...

Love you ladies!

Anonymous said...

What a long day. I always used to get a Nanaimo bar on the ferry from Vancouver to Victoria. A special treat!

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

"Being tired is like being hungover" haha! I TOTALLY get that (and I'm not sure which one is worse)!

Glad you made it there safe and sound...and good luck condo-hunting.

PS Hope your air mattress was as "cozy" as you were anticipating...and leak-proof!

Lex said...

you just HAD to post the label of the African Red Bush - didn't you!



lucky girl!