Sunday, May 09, 2010

Triple Fortune

Saturday morning required a typical greasy breakfast.  A trip to Victoria is not complete without a trip to my favourite diner…Floyd’s.  :) 

I had planned on trying something different but when it came time to order I just had to get my usual…the BC Hash.  Heart attack in the form of tasty deliciousness.


Nothing remotely healthy about that! 

After breakfast my buddy Mikey and I went for walk downtown to meet his wife for coffee on her lunch break.  He treated me to an Iced Coffee…but I think my camera ate the photo.  I did capture this cute bird hanging out in the shrubs though…


When Angela went back to work Mike and I decided to go to Beacon Hill Park and visit the baby duckies!


and turtles…


and blue herons…


After that I had to run back to Tiffaney’s to pack my stuff to head up to my Mom’s.  Alex and Ingmarie were kind enough to give me a lift yet again!  They always look after me.  :)  Along the way we stopped for a snack…

I was tempted to get coffee but decided I needed something green and healthy!  Happy Planet juice.

IMG_9084 IMG_9085

I could actually feel my skin absorbing the nutrients.  I’m in desperate need of fruits, veggies, vitamins and water.

Once at Mom’s house we relaxed and visited for while and then ordered up our mother-daughter traditional Chinese take-out feast.  Nom!!

IMG_9086 IMG_9087

For those of you that didn’t know…whenever my Mom and I visit we always order Chinese take-out for our first night’s meal.  Tradition!

Apparently I’m pretty lucky because my cookie contained THREE fortunes!

IMG_9092 IMG_9093 IMG_9094 IMG_9095   I was trying to relate all of these to condo hunting.  I would like to understand why I haven’t found one yet.  I would like someone to offer me exciting news about one. I would like an unexpected turn of events to provide me with one.  haha.  It could work, right??  right????  :)

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Becca said...

Chinese Food sounds like a fab idea - I've been holding myself back from ordering it at all. My Monkey is going to be visiting next week - so I've promised myself some then.

clairerose77 said...

great pictures!!
It's so nice that you have some good friends to take care of you:-)cc

Cat said...


it's times like this that I wish I liked eggs....

Shayna said...

Mmm! Your meals always look so good. That breakfast... wow.

Speaking of baby ducks/birds, we had four baby Canada geese walking down our parking lot yesterday flanked by Mom and Dad geese.

So. Adorable.

Mikey said...

That guy in the red shirt has a cute butt!