Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Two Fer One

Ya, I just posted but I have time to actually get back on the right timeline…so you get another blog…for free! 

Tuesday was a bit of a race around so not much got documented. 

Another cute Starbbies mug at Mom’s.  Like Daughter, Like Mother! :)


She also invested in some of my beloved Squirrelly bread and some Crofter’s jam.  It ain’t Supercrack but it was still mighty tasty!

IMG_9134 IMG_9135 IMG_9136 

For lunch I had my leftover Keg deliciousness


That’s a side plate…just so you know I’m not totally silly!

And then things sort of fell apart from there.  I had a full work day, then packing and racing out the door to be heading back to Victoria at a decent time.  By the time we got into the car we were both starving so made the quick and easy decision to get A&W

I shouldn’t beat myself up because it’s really the first fast food I’ve had this whole trip, but my eating has been sooo unhealthy that I do feel bad.  My Teen Burger was deeelish though!

I’m now staying at my friend Nicole’s place as she’s in the Navy and away this week.  So kind of her to offer me her place!  I was happy to cuddle into a real bed with episodes of HIMYM on my laptop and a much enjoyed bowl of Cheetos

This morning I had to meet my realtor yet again so I ate my way through a small bowl of granola with skim milk while I got ready…

IMG_5496 IMG_5497

On the road he and I shared a KitKat and he got me a Diet Coke because we were both thirsty, frazzled and in need of caffeine.  When we finished up I got him to drop me at the mall so I could get a coffee…


And grabbed lunch in the food court to bring back to the apartment.  I opted for Greek because it seemed one of the healthiest options…


What a good deal!  $8 for this HUGE Greek Salad (could use more feta, but lots of yummy fresh veggies!) and a very tasty chicken pita wrap also loaded with veggies and really good tzatziki sauce.

IMG_5499 IMG_5501

Who knew?  I may have that again tomorrow!

It’s been about 5 hours and I’m now sitting here pretty hungry for dinner.  My options are either tuna on toast, pb on toast, or another trip over to that food court.  The mall is only a block away but anything else is too far to walk from here.

Have I mentioned how glad I am that I’ve at least been doing a fair amount of walking?!  Because in 10 days I’ve only had one workout but eaten the calories of a trainload of people!  I am so totally looking forward to getting home and back to the gym.  I kinda miss my strength training!!

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Lindsay said...

Okay that food looks so yummy!

Jen said...

MMMMM - was that greek food from Opa????

I used to always get Greek (from Opa) when I lived in Lethbridge and ate at the mall! I NEVER craved a burger and fries when I could have a greek salad (and yeah, I know greek salad isn't great either, but at least it was a crapload of vegetables mixed in with the oil and cheese!) - and their wraps are to die for *drool*

Becca said...

How's the condo hunting going?

The Greek food looks super yummmm

Angie All The Way said...

I tried to find that bread at PO the other day, but didn't see any. You did actually end up finding it there after all didn't you? Is it frozen like other sprouted grain, or out in the regular bread isle?

I had a teen burger last week (urge for iron!) and it ROCKED! Totally friggin rocked :-)

Kara Hadley said...

You and your realtor must be great friends by now, with how much time you've been spending together.
And I know must feel all out of sorts with your lack of eating and exercising normalcy, but try to enjoy it. People so rarely get a chance to splurge.

Jaime said...

Becca: condo hunting is dead in the water. I didn't find one to buy and I leave Victoria tomorrow. Time for plan B!

Angie: I emailed you. :)