Wednesday, June 30, 2010

CCCRT – Day Three

Tuesday involved no driving…weeeeeeee! :)  I was able to spend an extra whole day in Montreal, so brother Jeremy took me out for a walk around the city.

First, he let me sleep in then brewed us up some coffee (Kicking Horse again…a BC theme me thinks!) and provided me with a bakery fresh almond croissant


Then we hit the town for a LONG walk.  For the most part I will let the photos speak for themselves.

We crossed the Canal to head for downtown…


Bixi Bikes!  These cool little bike kiosks are all over the city.  You can pick up a public bike at Point A and return it at Point B.  Just plug in your credit card and away you go.  So cool!

IMG_6981 IMG_6984  IMG_6985IMG_6991IMG_6997

Apparently 1:30 is beer o’clock in Montreal…

IMG_7009IMG_7003 IMG_7002

No, we didn’t go in… :)


French Starbucks! :)  I only went in to buy a souvenir mug.


French lululemon!


Lunch was to be Montreal Smoked Meat, but we were hungry and stopped at this pub before we found the deli…


Bacon and Cream Cheese on the burger. Nom!! With poutine…because I couldn’t go to Montreal and not have poutine!

IMG_7023IMG_7037 IMG_7048 IMG_7055 IMG_7056 IMG_7068

After Jer’s gf Sarah joined us, we stopped for a refreshing pick me up. 

IMG_7076IMG_7084 IMG_7097IMG_7099 IMG_7122IMG_7137 IMG_7140

As the sun was setting in Old Montreal we finally remembered to get some pictures of ourselves.  This random modern art seemed as good a place as any.  :)


IMG_7141  IMG_7147 IMG_7149

Twas a lot of walking but it really is a beautiful city.  Mark that one as a place I’ll have to fly back and visit once my bank account recovers from this journey.   

We never did bother with dinner (lunch was pretty late) but after chilling at home for the evening Jer put together a midnight snack for us.  Only at his place would a midnight snack entail a duck confit salad sammich on baguette with smoked cheddar


I know, right?!!

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Laura said...


your eats are making my mouth water.

Angie All The Way said...

Oh what a great day to enjoy the city! Have you perfected your Starbucks lingo en francaise yet? :-)

Becca said...

Those are some wonderful photos, it's so nice you get to spend time with your brother... How long did you say?? 3yrs? That's a long time. I hope you're having a blast! (Looks like you are)

Vanessa said...

Montreal is easily one of my favorite cities in the world. Those bike kiosks are brilliant!

Carol said...

Epicure's annual conference will be in Montreal in April, and I've already booked my room at the Queen E! Can't wait to see Montreal. You'll have to let me know where your brother cooks, so I can go check him/the food out for myself!

Anonymous said...

I love Montreal, it's such a fun and pretty city. Glad you had a good visit with your brother.

Jocelyn said...

Great pictures! That burger+poutine has me drewlin ;)