Tuesday, June 29, 2010

CCCRT – Day Two

Second leg:  Fredericton, NB to Montreal, QC

Mileage:  836 km

Time:  9.5 hours

Pee breaks:  four                       Gas stops:  two

Comfort Level:  back pain is setting in already.  Ouch.


Tara had to work Monday morning, so I followed her downtown and she took me to a cute little bakery for breakfast…


She introduced me to this amazing muesli concoction…


It’s a mix of steeped oats, yogurt, fresh berries, raisins, almonds, apples and other fun stuff.  Tara will have to tell us what this is called.

I also picked up a coffee (Kicking Horse…from BC!) and a blueberry scone for the road.


I ate this on the road about 2 hours later.  It was AMAZING.


Stoopy is clearly not a morning cat…  :)


Unfortunately the weather was rainy so no pictures of downtown Fredericton.  Too bad because it seemed very pretty!

Instead this was my view most of the day…


Extra caffeine at first pee/gas break (that’s a steeped tea…no Timmy’s coffee EVER)…


I’ve been warned multiple times about moose on the road. Apparently the government wants me to be aware too…


Bonjour Quebec!

IMG_9577  IMG_9580

Eats from the road snacks bag…

IMG_9579  IMG_9587 IMG_9588 IMG_9593

The weather got hot and muggy right around the time I arrived in Montreal.  Which was also rush hour!  The first off-ramp my TomTom told me to take was actually under construction so I had to push forward to another exit to get on the bridge to the Ile de Montreal.  Traffic took me close to an hour…but conveniently I had also gained an hour by crossing into a different time zone earlier in the day. 


My step-brother and his girlfriend live just outside of downtown so I arrived in time for a freaking awesome feast he was preparing.  :)  Just you wait and see…

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Miranda @ MirandasJeans said...

Happy to see that Mr. Tiger likes his fruit as much as I'm guessing he likes his steak. ;-)

Vanessa said...

Bwahaha...Stoopy may actually be the most adorable thing EVER.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving all these road trip play by plays!! Can't wait to see what he cooked for you.

sarah said...

Hey-that cookie looks familiar! lol Hope you enjoyed it. Is your cat riding in the car with you?! WOW!!! Enjoy your road trip tweets.

sarah said...

Never mind-I am behind on blogs and just saw the post below. WOW! OMG! I can't believe your kitty is riding in the car cage free with you like that. No way would mine handle that. They would freak!!!

Laura said...

I hate traveling in the rain, it's seriously disgusting.

I cant wait to see this feast!

Becca said...

Loving the updates and photos!!!

Plus, that is the funniest cat photo I've seen in awhile.