Thursday, June 17, 2010

Conditions are met...

OK, first I have to tell you that I just filled up my Starbucks sippy cup from my Lululemon water bottle.  I'm a lame brand whore and I don't even try!  haha.  And I like drinking out of a straw better than a bottle. :)

Anyway, I digress... I suppose I should start with the morning.  I had an appointment first thing this morning so skipped coffee at home and stopped for a misto instead...


I had to explain to the new girl what it was.  LOL.  She was a sweetheart though.  Grande 3/4 coffee vanilla non-fat misto.

Once home I made breakfast...


Protein-loaded 1% cottage cheese with fresh blueberries and blackberries and thawed raspberries...


I swear there's cottage cheese under there!!

You know, I might actually miss those blue rimmed plan is to get rid of them for the move and get something swanky and new...but I've had these forever and they've made some nice photos! 

Lunchtime rolled around and I didn't really have a I opened the fridge and decided a snack plate would be the way to go.


Carrots, cukes, crack hummus, light cheddar and the last of my Mary's crackers...


With a glass of lemonade mixed with the juice from the raspberries...nom!!


After lunch I made the mistake of deciding to have a sweet treat.  But not a good sweet treat.  A packaged sweet treat.

I picked up a box of these Golden Oreo Cakesters the other day because they were only $2 (what a sucker!) and I thought they might be good road snacks. 


They were tasty but holy sugar buzzzzzzz and subsequent crash Batgirl!  I might be donating those to an unsuspecting friend with children...mwahahaha.  :)

Earlier today my chiropractor suggested that my bum muscles are not active enough. haha, say what? 

You know that pain in the bum I've been chiro suggested that in addition to trying to stretch it out I should also strengthen things up back there.  Well, I've been meaning to work on my booty for a couple of months now so I guess now I have a real reason to do it!  So off to the gym I went.

Started out with a 20 minute treadmill session:  15 minutes running intervals, 5 minutes power walking on a steep incline.

Then 3 fast sets x 15 reps:  some exercises learned from

  • pigeon toes
  • seated leg raise (which I actually did laying down)
  • glute sweeper (LOVE this one!)
  • sumo strut (modified into more of a walking sumo squat, minus the arms)
  • standing leg lifts
  • hamstring curls on a large ball (oh the burn!)

I suspect it might hurt a little tomorrow!

Upon returning home I received the good news that my mortgage hoopla is all done and I'm free and clear to remove my conditions tomorrow!!!  I happy danced straight into the kitchen to construct a seriously BIGASS salad.


I bought a perfectly ripe avocado today so a Mexi-style salad was in order. 

In the big silver bowl tonight:  romaine lettuce, matchstick carrots, radishes, celery, red onion, and tomatoes...


With half the avocado of course!


Salsa and light sour cream for dressing...


And the fun protein-y addition... chick peas tossed with my homemade Mexican seasoning and baked in the oven until warm and toasty.

IMG_6624 IMG_6634

Now that was a mammoth salad.  Can you say fiberific?!

Long day.  My goal is to pack another 4 boxes before bed.  and to eat a dish of Root Beer Float ice cream between boxes 2-3.  NOM!

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Anonymous said...

By the way.did you know that some of the vendors from the farmers market(Halifax) also do a small outdoor market in front pf the VG hospital (Tower Rd and South)every FRIDAY?
I believe the hours are 11-2 .( just avoid the cooked lunch for sale which I found out os just cafeteria!!)
But fruits and veggies are fresh and so yum!(amazing fresh little carrots, asparagus , spinach, etc etc!!!YUM!!!And fun cause outside!

Jaime said...

I have been to it! Last year when we did the Eat Atlantic challenge I bought all of my salad fixings at that market. :)

Becca said...

Great photos today!

Sounds like everything is coming together for the condo.

Jenna said...

I love Mary's crackers! I cover them with almond butter. Great photos!

clairerose77 said...

I like those blue bowls!Where did you get them?:-) cc

Laura said...

OMFG, love this salad. this is redic. i hate winter, i want salads. Yes, i want summer & salads.