Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cross-Border Road Snacks

A little while back I had quite a few cross-border exchanges on the go.  After a little hiatus I have another one!  Miss Sarah Sundae put together this awesome box of American loot for me...all the way from Connecticut!


I don't know if she realized it at the time, but every single thing she sent me is perfect for my upcoming road trip adventure!


Well, OK, I packed up the yummy Trader Joe's coffee and cute handmade dish cloth for my new home in Victoria...but everything else is already packed up a little bag for the car. :)


Way fun trail mix, organic fruit snacks, Ghirardelli chocolate


Giant oatmeal cookie, Newman's Own Peppermint Cups (I'm wicked excited about both of these treats!), various other fun bars


Eating Well magazine (for when staring at the road is just too much!)


Cute Connecticut magnet...which is great because I collect fun destination magnets.  :)

I'm betting the chocolate bar will be the first to go (you know, cuz it would melt and we can't have that!), but will be closely followed by those Newman's cups.  nom nom nom.

Thanks Sarah!!!  I love me some cross-border love.

You can see what I sent Sarah in exchange here.

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Janna said...

Good Job on the loot Sarah!

Looks like good road trip stuff to me...just need some beef jerky and sunflower seeds...and then water pills for all that sodium :)

sarah said...

I'm glad you liked everything!! And again I am sorry it took me so long to get it to you. I am so out of it these days.

My hubby got you the magnet. He's awesome like that. And my Mom made the washcloth. She thought it was so cool that I was doing this that she wanted to be included.

Happy traveling and enjoy!!

Jaime said...

Aw Sarah, that makes it all the more special that your family was involved! I do love it all! :)

Sonya @ Eyes on the Hourglass said...

Lucky you! That's an awesome package.

Laura said...

That's an awesome package.

i really want to do an exchange with you. I've said it before & I'm saying it again, we must.
Once your settled in, we must. yes, yes?

Jocelyn said...

what a thoughtful package! I love newmans chocolate mint cups! :)