Tuesday, June 01, 2010


I took a couple of melatonin before bed last night so I woke up sorta groggy this morning...plus the weather turned "meh".  Boooo.

Coffee helped!!  :)


And toast.  Why would I ever make regular toast again?  Sprouted grain bread makes the best toast!  (Even if this isn't quite as fab as my beloved Squirrelly bread...haha).


One piece with chocolate peanut butter...the other with almond butter...both with Supercrack (I like the North American best now that I've tried it!).


Lunch today was supposed to be a salad, but it was too gray and cold for a cold lunch.  Not much in the way of hot lunches around here right now so I dug into the freezer to see what needs to be used up. 

Hors d'oeuvres!  Leftovers from our last party.  So I baked up a few little puffs in the oven and served them alongside some veggies, hummus, and Mary's Crackers...

IMG_6198IMG_6199 IMG_6201IMG_6202

(Did anyone else do the Windows Live Writer update?  I did it and now have lost all of my saved links, options such as auto spell checking, and it crashes every time I try to do anything!!)


Lunch held me over for quite a while but in the afternoon I had a chill so had a cup of the Vanilla Rooibos tea Becki sent me.  Yummm.


With a Banana Larabar.  Seriously one of my forgotten favourites.  Deeelish.


Then I got all caught up in organizing and sorting my office to get ready for moving.  I have years worth of files and such that I totally don't need to be moving around with me anymore.  I actually managed to condense an entire file drawer into about a dozen or so folders. 

My shredder was in serious overtime tonight.  The most shocking things I found...

  • A letter from the last time I saw an orthodontist.  Dated 1993.
  • My income tax documents for every year I've filed.  I've been in the workforce since 1992.
  • The order form for my high school ring.  Which I believe I got in my senior year.  I graduated in 1993 and haven't worn the ring since about '98. 

And believe it or not...I'm not actually a packrat. LOL.


Anyway, I was busy with that and not starving so for dinner I decided just to bake this gianormous sweet potato I had on hand. 


Wrapped in foil and cooked at 450 for about an hour. 


Mashed half of it and topped it with 1% cottage cheese and a scoop of salsa.  Nutritious and delicious...oddly enough. 


Now to finish sorting...keep, sell, toss.  And this is just the first room. Oy.  (Don't even ask what happened to my workout today!)

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Becca said...

Salsa and Sweet Potato? Hm, I never woulda thought about that mix.

Did you wanna come over here to help me with some of my paperwork? Looks like you're all done...

; )

andrea. said...

That's been my FAVOURITE dinner combo lately! Except I'm ultra lazy and bake the potato in the microwave. Healthy dinner in under 5 minutes, gotta love that!

Cat said...

I'm moving in with you so that you can cook.... Your food always looks so yummy...even though I hate sweet potatos.