Sunday, June 13, 2010

Durty Dinner

Thursday night…pretty!


Friday night…yummy!

Celebratory dinner and drinks with Sarah and Cosette at Durty Nellys.  This authentic Irish pub was on my list of places to visit before leaving Halifax.


I’m glad we checked it out, but it was nothing particularly special.

We did start with a interesting bevvie called a Blackberry.  Pump House Blueberry Ale with a Guinness float…


It was OK, but I didn’t love it. 

Sarah and I were starving and made the impromptu decision to get a calorie laden appetizer… Rustic Potato Chips.  Kind of like potato skins meet nachos.  Home cut kettle chips topped with cheese, bacon, and green onions…with sour cream for dipping.  We did some serious damage.


For my main meal I ordered the Chicken & Brie Panini with side salad.  Look!  Vegetables!  :)

IMG_9305  IMG_9307

It wasn’t so much a panini…more of just a toasted sammich…but the melty brie, grilled chicken and garlic mayo smooooshed with the spinach & tomatoes was pretty darn good!

I took half of that sammich home.

Sarah opted for a more traditional meal.  The Steak Pot Pie.  Look at the gorgeous puff pastry.  nom!


While we waited for Cosette to join us I ordered another celebratory drink…this time a Crown Float…Strongbow with a Guinness Float.

IMG_9310 IMG_9315

The band was GAWD AWFUL (no that is not their name…it’s their performance).  In an authentic Irish bar I expected a more typical Celtic band…but we got some sort of odd cover band that spent the evening torturing Weezer and Tom Petty songs.  Very odd.  But I was still with my girls celebrating my new home!!! so I still had a great time!!


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Laura said...

Omg, i'm drooling over those Rustic Potato Chips. I want!

Your condo is super adorable btw!

Shrinking Jen said...

Rustic potato chips scream JEN! Who doesn't love deep fried potato and cheese?

Love the 'suck it thirst'!!