Sunday, June 27, 2010

Final Hurrah

Saturday was a hectic day…being my last day in the house and in Halifax I had a lot to do!  Of course, this also included a little bit of a sleep in so I wouldn’t be totally exhausted.  :) 

Since my coffee maker had been packed off with the movers I made a quick run for coffee and a breakfast snack.

Double tall non-fat half-sweet vanilla latte


Low-fat banana chocolate chip loaf…


While taking care of last minute banking and such, I also snacked on the last of the fresh strawberries


After cleaning the fridge of all useless condiments and uneaten random freezer finds I threw together one final salad with the last of the fresh produce

IMG_6889 IMG_6890

Romaine, carrots, beets, green onions, light cheddar and Spring Herb dressing.

I then did something I highly recommend.  I went for an AMAZING facial at a beautiful spa!!  When Arron and I broke up the girlies wanted to do something nice for me so they bought me a gift card for Interlude Spa.  The opportunity to use it didn’t present itself right away so I decided to keep it for my final Halifax hurrah!

I opted to try the Radiance Facial because I’ve never had one before. Glorious correct decision!! No less than 12 lotions and potions used on my face, plus hand and foot massage too.  Incredibly relaxing in the midst of a whole lotta hoopla. Shout out to my esthetitian Janna B. for a lovely afternoon.

And special thanks to Angie, Lynn, Tasha, Lesley, Lex, Cat, Jen and Amy for such a thoughtful gift!


My skin was so dewy and glowing I ran my errands sans make-up!

On the way home I picked up sushi for dinner…


California Roll and Spicy Tuna Roll from Sushi Nami.

After using up all of my relax time, it was time to get down to business.  You know…vaccuming and cleaning the bathroom.  Good fun!  All done in time to get all prettied up for my last night out on the town.

Can’t leave Hali without a few final cocktails and laughs with some friends.  We visited The Foggy Goggle and The Economy Shoe Shop.  I may have consumed multiple White Russians as a tribute Arron for bringing me to Halifax and allowing me to meet these fabulous people I may never have otherwise known.


Cosette et moi


Me and Lex

Lex sneaking into Sarah’s picture


Marky and me :)


Lesley and Lex (apparently I’m missing the photo of Les and me…will have to get a copy of that one stat!)

It was a hilarious time to be downtown as it’s Fleet Week here.  Many British and American sailors are in town for the International Fleet Review and the Queen’s visit.  Seemed fitting that I’m leaving my Navy-wife life behind on the eve of such an event.

We were highly entertained.

I managed to not cry (just tear up) when hugging Sarah, Les and Lex goodbye.  Chalk that up to the bevvies and late hour.  I literally fell into bed when I got home…at 3am.  Woot!  Not to shabby for a final Saturday night!

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Laura said...

My goodbyes werent teary at all, it was just super sad.

starbucks there has some very yummy options, i'm going to look into that here.

Cowgirl Warrior said...

Good luck on the move, it's not good bye it's au revoir, you'll see each other again. I remember trying to get together with some of you when I was in Halifax for business well now you're a province closer. If you're ever in Calgary let me know.

Becca said...

I thought of you yesterday when I purchased my Frap@Starcuks, very yum.

Sounds like you had a good, long day of relaxing mixed with good friends.

I LOVE facials, they are my fav. Not really into massage, but the leg/foot and arms/hands massage they give you during the facial is fantastic. Aw, now I wanna go!

Lex said...

my comments are being eaten by blogger