Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Without even trying I wound up eating some of my favourite flavour combinations today!!

Coffee + vanilla soy milk...


Light breakfast before massage therapy.  Cottage Cheese + fresh pineapple = Nom Nom Nom!!


A veggie bagel-wich after my appointment.  Filled with tomatoes, cucumbers and spinach.  But also with another favourite combo...hummus + cheddar!


Deeeelish.  with a side of apple.


During my conference call...two flavour explosions.

Coffee + chocolate!

But not just plain chocolate.  Chocolate + Mint.  Yummy Luna cookie!

IMG_6243 IMG_6244

And not just plain coffee.  But Iced coffee + vanilla. 


See here...I also got signed up for CAA ($100 piece of mind for a single gal on the road!)...and got my hands on their maps and travel books.  Ohhhh...things are coming together.  eeeeeek!!


Tonight I'm off to yoga and then back to do some more yard sale purging.  I spy a teapot I've never used, a pair of shoes I haven't worn since we've lived here, and a number of picture frames that have seen better days.

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Lady J said...

I spy an adorable little kitty behind that Toronto mug... ;o))

Which mover did you decide on?

Kara Hadley said...

I had no idea Luna Bar made cookies. Tell me more...

Becca said...

That cookie looks very interesting, where do you buy it?

Jaime said...

Mom: I booked Premiere.

Kara & Becca: unfortunately I think those Luna cookies are only available in the US. I received a couple of them in one of my cross-border exchanges. Too bad because they are pretty yummy!

Anonymous said...

I am so getting an iced coffee tonight. Mmmm.

Good idea about CAA, I heard their maps/travel books are amazing!