Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Road Trip Update

For those of you that have been following along with the gong show that is my life lately, I thought I'd lay out a post that outlines everything all in one place.  I know I've been a little haphazard with my mentionings of my forthcoming move and crazy-ass cross country road trip.

(Title still pending)

Really, there's not toooo much to it.  I have a 99% solid schedule and CAA...what else do I need?  :)

Da Schedule:

1. Halifax --> Fredricton 4 hours Sun, June 27th

2. Fredricton --> Montreal 8 hours Mon, June 28th

3. Montreal extra day Tues, June 29th

4. Montreal --> Toronto 5 hours Wed, June 30th

5. Toronto extra day Thurs, July 1st

6. Toronto --> Sault Ste. Marie 8 hours Fri, July 2nd

7. Sault Ste. Marie --> Thunder Bay 8 hours Sat, July 3rd

8. Thunder Bay --> Kenora 6 hours Sun, July 4th

9. Kenora --> Regina 8 hours Mon, July 5th

10. Regina --> Calgary 8 hours Tues, July 6th

11. Calgary --> Kamloops 6 hours Wed, July 7th

12. Kamloops --> Victoria 4 hours + ferry Thurs, July 8th

The times are all estimates based on Google Maps (which I know is usually wrong...but it helps account for pee stops, photo stops, food stops, and whatever other random stopping I might make).

So far I have lovely friends (or in the case of Montreal...family...betcha didn't know I have a step-brother!) to stay with in about half of the stops.  Otherwise I think Best Western and I shall be very good friends by the end of this trip.

Sault Ste. Marie, Thunder Bay, and Regina really are just rest stops, but if you know of anything I should make a point of seeing while there (or while driving there) let me know.  Oh...I know I wanna see the Terry Fox statue in Thunder Bay.  LOL.

I am actively downloading music as I think of it, plus have my old school collection of CDs.  Nothing says road trip to me like the original Green Day, Stone Temple Pilots, Everclear, and Alanis Morissette.  (I used to live 1.5 hours from my boyfriend when I was 21...we drove back and forth A LOT!)

In addition I have downloaded a couple of audio books:  Eat Pray Love, Life of Pi and I'm still deciding on a third kind of fluff book.  I've got a lot of recommendations...but let me know if you have one you think I would like!

One of the hardest parts will be figuring out how to pack!  Road trip clothes are pretty easy (hello Lululemon!) but once I get to Victoria I'm going to be staying with a friend for at least a month so I need to have pretty much my whole Summer wardrobe.  Not to mention that I have a big business conference the first weekend I'm there (which is why my arrival date is a Thursday) so I need my work clothes and extra shoes too. 

Oh, and I need to bring my coffee maker because the friend that is so kindly taking me in for all that time is also the same friend that doesn't drink coffee!!!  Yoikes.  LOL.

Along with that stuff the only other thing I'm toting along is a couple of plants.  I had to give up all of my plants when we moved out here (because it was Winter and they all would have died in the moving truck) so I'm determined to keep a couple of the nice ones I've acquired since I've been here.  If they seem to not be doing too well along the way, I'm sure some of my lovely hosts might like a plant or two.  :)

Of course, don't forget I'm bringing poor Mr. Stoopy for the road trip.  Have kitty will travel!  He likes car trips as long as he's out of his stupid cage...although admittedly I think the longest I've ever had him on a road trip is an hour and a half.  But he's cool with chilling on his kitty bed on the passenger seat and is a good listener. :) I'll have his litter box probably on the passenger seat floor and we'll figure something out for food & water (but I can imagine he'll eat and drink mostly when we stop for the night).

Don't worry:  I do have a little harness and leash for him so he won't bolt from the car when I open the door in the middle of Saskatchewan.  I shall be testing that out soon...stay tuned for photos of a cranky kitty!

The one thing I'm a little disappointed in is the amount of time I have for visits.  I know there are about a zillion of you lovely bloggy buddies that I soooo want to meet up with along the way, but as you can see my time is going to be tight.

If you live in any of the places that I am stopping, or if you are somewhere in between, please let me know.  I make no promises that I will be able to see everyone...but even if it's just a quick ice tea or stop to stretch my legs I promise I will do my best.  So many of you are so supportive and have given me the courage to do this...so I would love to meet you in person if it's at all possible!

Just so you know:

I am now starting to freak out.  I am doing this!!

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Anonymous said...

You are doing this and it's going to be one hell of a trip, the adventure of a life time I'd say!!!

Looks like you've got all the details planned. I'm the same way and need to have a schedule for everything when traveling. Really makes it that much easier.

Do you have a BB charger for the car just in case?

Liz said...

I'm glad you are breaking up the drive with lots of stops. Also that 8 hours is the max on any day. That is smart planning. You will have so many memories from this trip!
Selfishly, I hope you have internet access everywhere because I can't imagine 12 days of no posts from you! lol is that creepy? :-P

Jenn said...

You can do this Jaime! I just wish I was more central to have a rest stop with you! I am in northern Manitoba...way out of your trip range! lol...

Enjoy your trip...stop where you want when you want to and Stoopy will be fine. Enjoy the trip.

I too am selfish and will look forward to getting virtual postcards via your blog.

Happy Trails To You!!!


Amber from Girl with the Red Hair said...

I'm SO excited to meet you when you come through Kamloops! :)

Also, FYI, Calgary -> Kamloops took me and Eric 8 hours when we came back from Europe. It's a windy mountain road PLUS TONS of road construction!! We usually drive just over the speed limit by 10-20 km but the trip was made painfully slow by all the little towns you have to go through + windy mountain roads + tons of road construction! Since you're pulling a moving trailer it will likely take you longer than 6 hours! Just something to keep in mind!

Once again, can't wait to grab coffee or lunch or breakfast or something together when you're in Kamloops :)

Christina said...

I can't wait to hear all about your adventure :) I hope you are bringing James Dean with you to document it all!

Jennifer said...

You are about to have quite the adventure! I can't wait to read all of your recaps. I wish I could drive all over Canada, that would be so cool! Lol!! Safe travels!

Happiness is Handbags and More said...

Outside the Sault there is a town called Echo Bay the big loonie is there. The designer os the loonie lives there.

Jaime said...

hahaha...yes!!! That's exactly the type of thing I'm looking for! Thank you.

Tamara said...

I'm pretty excited about July 4th, I'll say that much. :)

PunkRockMom said...

My offer stands! If you are anywhere near Winnipeg and want/need a pit stop make sure you phone ME! I will provide a rest stop complete with replenishment;-)

Becca said...

Good luck on your huge trip, I hope you have a blast and the nervous feeling just melts away!

Laura said...

That is quite a schedule. Good luck sweetheart

Jocelyn said...

man...that is one crazy trip planned!

I used to travel to thunderbay all the time back when the boy went to uni there...

It's basically a hole (sorry to anyone who lives there) despite a local mexican joint..I would stay in your hotel/rest area and lock doors ;) Do NOT venture to the down town areas alone.

JavaChick said...

Oh gosh. My cats would hate a car trip like that; though I admit we have not tried letting them out of their carriers in the car.

If you decide to make a pit stop in Saint John let me know (which I think might be a bit out of your way, so probably not). Oddly enough, my baby sister is road tripping from NS to BC starting that same weekend, and she'll be stopping to visit, but I imagine she'll be on her way first thing Sunday morning.

Lainey said...

I live in Calgary and I think it would be cool to meet you, but if you can't do it, that's okay. :o) I don't really live that close to anything. Well, not too far from downtown, I guess.

My kitties would NOT like that trip! Although I don't let them out of their carriers, either...but anytime I've taken them on a trip, they sit in their carriers and shake and/or start to hyperventilate. Scary!