Friday, June 04, 2010

Rockin' Partay

This Friday has been all about taking care of business.  I don't want to be worrying about work this weekend so I made sure to focus and stay on track during my work day. 

Coffee helped.


So did my obsession with carbs and almond butter

IMG_6269 IMG_6270

At least my carbs came in the form of tiny little sprouted grain toast

I ate breakfast kind of late so I kept lunch light and easy.  Thankfully there was leftover Watermelon & Feta salad in the fridge...

IMG_6272 IMG_6273

So yummy after a night in the fridge.  All that watermelon juice mingled with the feta.  NOM!  Can you imagine if I'd had the fresh basil?  *swoon*

Although tasty, this fruity salad isn't too by 5pm I was pretty hungry for dinner.  I figured I might as well eat at my desk while I finished up for the day...knowing I had a night of packing and sorting ahead of me.

Another meal of leftovers.  Even on day two Doraku's sushi kicks all other sushi's ass.

IMG_6274 IMG_6278

My rockin' Friday night has included turning the TV on for company, mixing myself a mocktail, cooking up a few puffed appies, and diligently picking through my possessions for things I do not need. 


Santa Cruz organic lemonade with a splooosh of POM blueberry.  Yum!


Highlights of my packing partay include:

  • sorting through my CDs.  Note:  I haven't bought a CD in like 5 years.  I am parting with some seriously bad choices from my youth.
  • finding a whole box of Arron's glassware in storage.  How many pilsner glasses does one man need?
  • photographing my bell collection for kijiji.  Yes apparently as a child I was a 75 year old woman.


Funny.  I have absolutely no problem selling these.  LMAO.

Soon, I am off to bring warm bevvies to my friends taking part in the Halifax Relay for Life.  Lynn raised over $3000!  Usually I would also be participating as the Canadian Cancer Society is my family's charity of choice, but this year I just have too much going on.  Instead I will support my friends and maybe even walk a few midnight laps.

Then I'll come home and hopefully crash out so I can get up and hock my wares in my driveway tomorrow.  Someone come visit!

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Mrs Furious said...

"Yes apparently as a child I was a 75 year old woman."

Good luck packing!

Laura said...

Left overs make my heart happy, all warm & fuzzy!

Jocelyn said...

aww your bell collection is cute! I would keep that! :)