Monday, June 07, 2010

Sugar Free

Rule for todayNo Candy.

What a freaking bizarre rule for a healthy living blogger, eh?

Started off with pretty standard fare.  Coffeeee....


I had written toast on my meal plan, but um...well you kind of need bread to make toast.  LOL.  So half a bagel it was!  With almond butter, sliced 1/2 banana, and a side of apple...


Carbs + protein + coffee = sustainable breakfast!

For lunch I whipped up a salad because it's been a few days since fresh greens made the menu.  A Greek-ish salad as it were.

Baby spinach, grape tomatoes, cucumber and yellow peppers...


Topped with light feta cheese and a big drizzle of Spring Herb dressing...


Added protein and crunch with a side of hummus and Mary's Crackers.


Last night's super crumbly Club Soda Cupcakes had some time to settle overnight so I was able to very carefully get most of them out of the pan unscathed.  These really are a "eat the next day" kind of treat.  So I did...I ate one on my way out the door to the gym...LOL.


For my first day back at the gym in about a week I decided to tackle my upper body and abs.  Sitting at my desk all week I can tell I've been neglecting my core.  Boooooo to that!

3 sets of 12:

  • Overhead Press
  • Tricep Dips
  • Bicep Curls
  • Barbell Bent Over Row
  • Hammer Curls
  • Lateral Raises
  • Cable Tricep Pulldowns
  • Hamstring Curls on the ball
  • Crunches - knees up
  • Reverse Crunches
  • Back Extensions
  • Side Extensions

Plus a 10 minute warm up on the recumbent bike.  I really wanted to get a run in, but there was never a treadmill to be had.  Crazy busy in my gym tonight. 

They recently did away with the sign-up sheets for the equipment and I'm not so sure I like that.  Now people can totally disregard the 20 minute time limit and those of us waiting have no way of knowing which machine should be available next. 

I guess it doesn't matter since I'm leaving anyway! ha!

When I got home dinner was quick and easy...and completely based on a couple of things I had on hand.

Scallop & Asparagus Stirfry


Blanched some chopped fresh asparagus and one small carrot in a bit of water with salt & lemon.  Drained off the water and added a drizzle of veggie oil...when hot, stirred the veggies around and added half of a small sliced onion. 

Added five sea scallops, salt & peppered and turned to coat lightly in the oil.  Just pushed the veggies to the side of the pan and stirred occasionally while the scallops cooked.

When almost finished, drizzled with my go-to stirfry sauce, stirred and let cook until the scallops were brown and finished.  Serve piping hot.

IMG_6330 IMG_6328 

I know you are wondering where the rice or noodles are, but I didn't need the extra carby filler...and oddly enough I actually got full and didn't even finish the veggies.

I'm guzzling water now and hope that a cup of tea will keep the sugar cravings at bay.  There's nothing in the house I can eat anyway so that's all good!  Those cupcakes are there...but I don't crave those the way I've been craving actual candy I think they are safe.  :)

I am also tired already at 10pm, so this is a good sign!

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Shrinking Jen said...

I saw a big metal bowl at Superstore the other day and pictured one of your salads in it!

I love diet pop cupcakes... I should try club soda sometime! My family goes crazy for lemon cupcakes made with fresca (only, they don't know that's how I make them!).

Becca said...

Sounds like you had a very good day food and exercise wise - good for you! Hopefully you made it through the rest of the evening without any snacking.

Do you just buy that stir-fry sauce at the grocery store?

Jaime said...

Jen: Fresca and lemon sounds great! I've done lemon with Diet Sprite.

Try carrot cake or spice cake with Diet Ginger Ale too!

Becca: Yes, I just bought it at Pete's Frootique. No special just sounded good. :) And it is!

Anonymous said...

I've been eating little nibbles of candy over the past few days too. Left over licorice and jelly bellys from the Relay. Must stop and use calories more wisely. ;)

Stir fry looks yummy, even without any carbs. If you have enough veggies you don't even miss them!

Me, Only Better said...

I don't know if you will get this comment, but your time from Calgary to the Victoria BC ferry should likely be a little longer. I do that trip every summer, and the shortest I have done it in is 11 hours. Also you should give yourself an extra hour if you are arriving in the lower mainland during rush hour (3pm - 6pm) as the traffic will be stop and go.

Good luck with your trip - I love road trips, but yours is a long one!!