Sunday, June 20, 2010

Three Course Breakfast

Chalk up another delicious Halifax food experience pour moi!

Yesterday was Tasha's Big 3-0! so we decided that rather than another dinner we'd like to take her for a fabulous brunch.  Lynn is our local brunch expert so Angie and I followed her lead to try out the Sunday brunch buffet at the Westin Nova Scotian...Elements Restaurant.

Westin Nova Scotian

Beautiful historic hotel. 

Elements Restaurant

The brunch buffet offerings are so plentiful some of the larger stations are in the foyer.  Omelette/waffle bar, pasta station, desserts (including chocolate fountain!!).

Elements Brunch IMG_6690

With soooo many options we all decided to work in different courses.  My plan was to try a little bit of as much as possible, but my rule was that I had to have either fruit or veggies on each plate.


Round one:  egg strata (with feta, red peppers, and tomatoes), bacon, fruit, cheese, mini lemon danish...and I did pick up a few cold shrimp and a slice of ham which I ended up not eating.


I think we all tried the strata and loved it.  Can't go wrong with feta cheese!!  The danish was excellent too (often in situations like this they can be a little hard or stale but this one was perfect).

Round two:  I really wanted a waffle but there was about a 12 minute wait so I decided on an omelette instead (the intent was to go back for the waffle, but who was I kidding?).  Tomatoes, ham and cheese in my omelette...super yum!!  With salad, fruit and a croissant.

IMG_6686 IMG_6687 

I actually love omelettes and salad as a meal.  I need to make a note to include a few fun omelettes in my future dinner plans.

I didn't even get near a lot of the options...other stations included soup, roast beef & mashed potatoes, sushi, and things such as cold smoked salmon, etc. 

Round three:  was supposed to be the waffle but I really wanted dessert so I had to pass...the chef scolded me...haha.  In fact, when he saw us leaving he told me I'd better come back for a waffle.  I didn't have the heart to tell him I'm leaving town!  :)


Instead I went for an all chocolate tasting plate.  Eclair segment, some sort of dense brownie deliciousness with caramel sauce, and marshmallows and a lady finger that I grabbed mostly because I wanted to dip stuff in the chocolate fountain...


I ended up only eating half of the brownie (which was dense, moist and incredible!!), half of the eclair, and the marshmallows.  Didn't even touch the lady finger...way.too.full. 

Of course no birthday brunch is complete without prezzies!!!

IMG_6694 IMG_6699

Upon hearing it was Tasha's birthday, our server Jose offered to make her a flower... what a guy!

Speaking of the service, I should be sure to mention it was excellent.  Fresh coffee, tea and orange juice are included with the buffet.  Each time we got up for food, we would come back to our table cleared of the dirty dishes, our drinks replenished and even our napkins refolded.  And that Jose was a sweet talkin' man!  ;)

IMG_6706 IMG_6708

I brought Tasha some loot from DavidsTea.  Halifax just got a store in our shopping center and I've heard a few rave reviews by tea drinkers and thought it might make a good gift spot.  Sure enough it was! 

After we all complained about how full we were we took a quick walk around the hotel.  It's beautiful!  Lynn actually got married there so she showed us upstairs where she had her ceremony.  Of course, we decided we needed a few pictures!

IMG_6712 IMG_6714 IMG_6718

Another fabulous overindulgence for us girls this weekend!  But totally worth it. Happy Birthday Miss Tasha!! This is your decade!

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sarah said...

Yum! Everything looks great. Angie is so beautiful!! Happy Birthday, Tash!!

Anonymous said...

Hehe opps. Hopefully we don't bore our readers. ;)

Laura said...

holy sheet, I'm jealous.

I want chocolate

paulene said...

Delicious food and I bet they're healthy too! yummmyyy!