Friday, June 04, 2010

Wide Eyes

Classic mistake.  Go into favourite restaurant feeling ravenous.  Order way too much.

Everything on the Doraku menu looks sooooo good.  We couldn't help ourselves.  Eyes larger than stomachs.

Yummy, refreshing Japanese beer...

001 002

SharedAgedashi Tofu (as recommended by Tara).  Deeelish.  Although I would do without the bonito next time...a bit too fishy.




SharedSweet Potato Tempura.  What a brilliant idea!  There is always something in the mixed veggie tempura I don't like.  This way everyone is happy!


Ordered for myself (honestly, what was I thinking?!):  Miso soup (deceivingly filling), spicy tuna roll, Philly roll, California roll.

009 010  012 011013

Needless to say, I have leftovers.  Nom!!!

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Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty said...

i heart sushi soooooo much!!

PunkRockMom said...

THAT is a lot of sushi!

Anonymous said...

YUM! I want Doraku now. :)

Jen said...

*sigh* bestill my heart...I love you Doraku spicy tuna jealous am I right now???

It looks like an amazingly delcious dinner and a SUPER yummy leftover lunch!!!

Anonymous said...

My hubby makes that beer!

Becca said...

I love Sweet Potato Tempura! It's one of my favs.

I'm not really a sushi fan, not at all, actually.

Anonymous said...

Me want sushi.

Carly @ Live, Laugh and Grow said...

I <3 sushi, and yours looks amazing!
BTW, I always get agedashi tofu without the bonito and seaweed; I can't handle the taste of that much sea!