Monday, July 05, 2010

CCCRT – Day Eight

Sixth leg:  Thunder Bay, ON to Kenora, ON

Mileage:  500 km

Time:  6.5 hours

Pee breaks:  four (I had too much to drink!)

Gas stops:  one

Comfort Level:  My whole back ached all effing day.  And that pain in the bum I had a while back has returned and shoots pain down my leg.  Yes, my body hates me.


I didn’t do anything in Thunder Bay itself.  After my long day on Saturday I was happy just to eat my salad and climb into my hotel bed.  I had to be up fairly early for my drive to Kenora…and thankfully there was another continental breaky for me…


This time the coffee was good but the bagel was pretty dry.  Oh well.  It was free right?  :)  I had OJ too.

About 20 minutes down the highway from TB is Kakabecka Falls.  It’s a small town but it’s also a provincial park and the location of “Niagra of the North”.  WATERFALLS!!

IMG_7568 IMG_7572 IMG_7577 IMG_7592 IMG_7602 IMG_7612 IMG_7641

On my last night in Halifax our waitress at The Foggy Goggle was from Thunder Bay so I asked her what there was to see/do.  She told me where to look for the Terry Fox monument and said I had to see these falls.  I’m soooo glad she told me!!


She also said that I should try a “Persian”…a pastry TB is famous for.  Conveniently my hotel had them as part of the continental, so I grabbed one for the road.

Kind of a cross between a cinnamon bun and a donut…with pink, sweet icing.  I can see how it would be good but this one was sort of stale so I only took a few bites.


Snacked on some grapes…


Stoopy was enjoying the breeze from the vents…


Because I only had one small coffee in the morning, I stopped in a little podunk town along the way and grabbed another…


I also ate my Pomegranate Chobani at one of my rest stops.  Again, I really enjoyed the thick and creamy Greek yogurt…and the flavour was yummy…but I didn’t like having the actual pom arils in there.  Too hard.


The drive was really nice.  I did hit some crappy weather for a good portion of this leg, but no tornados!!  Not quite as picturesque as the previous legs but that waterfall made up for that.  :)  When I arrived at Tamara’s in Kenora all of the wet weather had passed over and we had an absolutely gorgeous evening!

Upon arrival, she provided me with a cold bevvie and tasty snacks.  She even got me Strongbow.  :)  I guess I’ve been clear that I like it because Tara did that too.  haha.


Dips, veggies, grapes, carby goodness and two yummy cheese creations (both of which I will totally steal!)… She melted brie and drizzled it with EVOO & balsamic…and topped mashed goat cheese with bruschetta mix.  Both easy and super deeeeelish!


After settling the kitty in and enjoying our snacks and hanging with Tamara’s daughter Paige…we decided to head out for a little drive so I could see the town.  Tamara took me to her folks place…um, right on the Winnipeg River (which seems more like a like really).  View from their deck…


View from their back yard…


We caught some rays and had a drinky with her parents.  Her Dad provided me with one of his “cheap beers”…which I actually really enjoyed! 

IMG_7675 IMG_7676 IMG_7683 

Then we drove a little tour of town. 


Husky the Muskie!!

IMG_7693 IMG_7698

When Tamara wins the lottery she’s going to take us all out on this fabulous boat.  :)

IMG_7701 Back at her house we sipped white wine and munched dark chocolate M&M’s.  :)  A little later we had a light dinner of some pasta salad her Mom sent us home with.  Mexi-style!  We all know that’s one of my faves.

There is all kinds of yummy in there…black beans, peppers, olives, avocado, cheese, salsa, sour cream… nom nom nom.  I totally inhaled mine.  :)

IMG_7705 IMG_7706

We ended our evening with FIREWORKS!  Mother Nature actually worked in my favour!  They had such poor weather on Saturday night that their town Canada Day fireworks were cancelled…but because Sunday was soooo nice they decided to reschedule them.  We were able to walk down and sit right on the grass to watch.


I’m soooo glad Tamara offered to have me stop by.  Kenora was a lovely place and she was a perfect hostess.  We had so much fun!!

Waterfalls AND fireworks on one day!  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a fantastic visit with Tamara!! Kenora is beautiful.

Can't believe your adventure is almost over and you're almost home!

andrea. said...

Do you know, I randomly know the Superintendent of the Kakabekka Falls Park? Ah, working for the government. :)

Also, I love Lakeport! It used to be 'a buck a beer!' but they've since upped the price a little. Still a great deal though.

Hope your back feels better after a good night's sleep!

MoraPiggy said...

That waterfall was beautiful. Felt like I could almost hear it splashing down fromt he pics.

Glad to hear your drive is progressing safely.

Anonymous said...

Cool fireworks shot! I'm enjoying your cross-country tour.

Lainey said...

Does your route take you on the Trans-Canada the whole way? Because I highly recommend a detour onto Highway 3 through the Crowsnest Pass, Sparwood, Fernie, etc. once you get past Calgary. I don't know how much extra time it would take you (if any), though. But the scenery is beautiful! Plus I'm from the Pass, so I tell everyone to go there, haha.

When are you coming through Calgary, again?

sarah said...

I'm not a big fan of the Pomegranate Chobani either. The Pineapple is my favorite. And vanilla.

I still cannot believe Stoopy rides in the car like that. Seriously. That is amazing!! I heart your kitty. Hug him for me!!

ManoloMandi said...

I'm loving these posts! Hope your back/body behaves for the rest of your journey.

Fran said...

I'm so jealous you got to meet Tamara, I would love to meet here.

I'm new to your blog, Tamara sent me over and I like it! So will keep coming back for more.

Colin said...

your uncle colin says: i'm envious to the tenth degree... grrr!

it reminds me of my trip across this great country of ours. wow, what life time was that... lol.

your blog, posts and pics are awesome. look forward to seeing back here out west jaime... welcome home!

love always, colin ;-)