Friday, July 02, 2010

CCCRT – Day Five

How Marie and I spent Canada Day!


Coffee in one of her many Starbucks city mugs…Cozumel!

IMG_7181 IMG_7182

Notice her selection of my favourite brands…Squirrelly and Supercrack!

IMG_7183 IMG_7184

After fuelling up we hit the streets to check out her neighbourhood and hit up a local grocery market to pick up some fun stuff I’ve been wanting to try.


We visited Pusateri’s Fine Foods where Marie found the illusive Chobani yogurts!  I don’t understand why a few gourmet stores in the GTA have these but no one else in Canada seems to.  I also don’t understand why I paid over $3 for each 170ml container.  Yes, you read that right.  I paid $13 for 4 yogurts.  I got three of the Chobani and they also had the Stoneyfield Oikos so I grabbed one of those (it was almost $4!).


Review to come.

A little more walking around…

IMG_7191 IMG_7196

On our way to meet Marie’s infamous brother John “Jainey!” for a sushi lunch.


He exists!  Ha, and I know you are all jealous that I got to meet him.  I told him he’s famous.  Everyone wave at John!

For lunchie I went for a Bento Box… with glass noodle salad, miso soup, sweet potato tempura, chicken teriyaki, rice, salad and California roll.

IMG_9609 IMG_9610

After lunch John treated us to Starbucks.  We enjoyed our bevvies in the sun on the patio (where we encountered some crazy lady that gave me shit for talking because I was disturbing her book…um, last I checked Starbucks patio was not a library.)

Grande Vanilla Iced Coffee with a splash of milk…


John had worked all morning so headed home for a nap while Marie and I ventured out for some fun in the sun.  She took me for a few rides on the Subway!


Somewhere along the way Cobs Bakery was handing out free Canada Day treats.  These were cute, but they tasted like hot dog buns with icing so we didn’t actually eat them.

IMG_9612 IMG_9613

We then rode the streetcar out to The Beach (community out on the lake for those of you not familiar with Toronto…about 20 minutes from downtown by bus).


We walked through the park…


Then along the beachside boardwalk…

IMG_7239 IMG_7249 IMG_7241

Lake Ontario

IMG_7244  IMG_7256

Can’t go to the beach without getting some ice cream (even if it is technically dinner time!).  Marie took me along the main street until we arrived at Lick’s


They had all kinds of yummy flavours so I chose two in a waffle cone.  Nutty Bear Paws (dark chocolate ice cream with swirls of caramel and chocolate covered cashews) on the bottom and Cookies & Cream on top. 

IMG_7266  IMG_7268

Nom nom nom!!  To work some of our “dinner” off we went back to the boardwalk and walked in the opposite direction.  It was getting really busy with people coming out for the Canada Day fireworks so we actually decided to take our leave and avoid the crazies.

On the way home we walked through Church Street to check out the Pride Weekend decorations…

IMG_7284 IMG_7297

Marie and John are both participating in the Pride Run on Saturday.  You can find their details here. Go Skirt!

The rest of our evening was spent resting our tootsies and chilling at Marie’s pad.  She put out a spread of deeeeelish cheese, carbs and veggies…and a few glasses of vino.  Twas a lovely end to our hectic day. 


Marie:  what were the cheeses again?  I want to buy that blueberry one!  and those Ace crackers!  Sea salty goodness. 


Quite the hostess and tour guide!  Thanks again Marie for everything.  Mr. Cat and I had a lovely stay. :)  I think the little fur monster misses you already. haha.

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Lady J said...

That crazy lady at Starbucks probably hasn't encountered a Jaime before and didn't know what to do with her... *grin* Nana's little chipmunk!! xox

Anonymous said...

Yikes, that is a lot for yogurt.... hehe but I woulda done the same thing! ;) Looking forward to your thoughts.

Looks like you had a blast in TO minus the Sbux bitch. The Beach looks SO nice, what a beautiful day for it!

Miranda @ MirandasJeans said...

I hate that only a very few select stores sell the elusive yogurts here in Canada, same with Whole Foods, and that I don't live any closer than 1.5hrs drive. :-(

Tamara said...

Haha! Classic TO welcome! It's just not Toronto unless some random stranger yells at you. Love it!

marie said...

Oddly enough, the chick didn't yell. She was just EXTREMELY rude in a nice and offensive way. But asking us to be quiet on patio on a VERY noisy street was the most RIDICULOUS request ever. I seriously wanted to kick her in the box.

I <3 the beach so much. It's where we grew up and you can see why I was so eager to bring you there. The "main" street down there is Queen St. East.

The cheeses were:
-Applewood smoked cheddar
-Wensleydale with Blueberry
-Goats Cheese w/dill
-Double cream brie with Tomato & Basil

If I had more time I would have bought a better variety of cheese. I'm sorry I failed you. Sob.

And still no sign of the tiger :(

Nellers said...

Since I'm already an avid fan of your blog... and since I have no real understand of anything Canadian (I know its North of me, and that's about it), I googled where you are to where you are going. HOLY COW. that's a really long drive!! I've gone acrossed the States 3 times, but I think you're journey is a tad more massive. LOL! I love all your pictures!
Do you have Sam's Club's in Canada? I get my Chobani yogurts from there.. it's like $13 for 12. The only negative thing is your stuck with a limited flavor selection. Blueberry, Strawberry and Peach (Love the Peach!).

Nellers said...
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Lady J said...

Ohmygod, I love you Marie!!! That comment about 'kicking her in the box' was just perfect. LMAO

Jaime, you have to keep this one as a friend forever, she's my kinda girl...

Thanks for making Jaime's stay in TO so nice Marie. xox

Jocelyn said...

wow..I have been in touch with many reps from stonyfield + chobani..and they all SWEAR that you can't get their yogurts in canada...I guess they are all wrong! contraband yogurt! lol

Laura said...

Um, holy yum!
I'm jealous of ALLLL your food. I'm on a serious quest to find good sushi.