Thursday, July 08, 2010

CCCRT – Day Nine

Seventh leg:  Kenora, ON to Regina, SK

Mileage:  500 km

Time:  8.5 hours

Pee breaks:  four

Gas stops:  two

Comfort Level:  I forgot to roll up the towel to use for my back and low and behold my back didn’t hurt as much.  Weird.  The stabbing bum pains continue though.  :(


Sorry I’m running a day behind here!  Visiting long lost friends took priority over the internet.  :)

On Monday morning I set off from Kenora with a yummy breakfast and a final visit with Tamara.  She picked up my favourite crack yogurt…Lemon Liberte!


With sliced strawberries and Vector cereal…


We then took a quick trip downtown to a cute, modern cafe…Ho Joe where I picked up a vanilla non-fat latte…

IMG_7738 IMG_7740 IMG_7741

We posed for a self portrait…then Tamara headed off for work while I headed out of town.  Such a great stop during my big adventure!


Lake of the Woods…

IMG_7745 IMG_7749

The road to Manitoba…


The Prairies appear!


My itinerary plans had me blasting straight past Winnipeg, but then Arron had to go and leave me a Facebook comment suggesting BDI ice cream.  I had it on the brain, so I gave in and made the detour.


Hot day. Melty cone.  Deeeeelish.

IMG_7753 IMG_7754 IMG_7756  IMG_7763 

Construction got me a little held up on my way out of the city (I missed the “middle of Canada” sign dammit!) so let myself grab McD’s so I wouldn’t have to make another stop and could keep on schedule.


Big Sky Country…

IMG_7772 IMG_9714 IMG_7790

Hot tea for the last hour of driving…


I didn’t actually see when I crossed into Saskatchewan…not sure how that happened!  But I caught the sign the next day when I left the province…

IMG_7853 IMG_7799 

Regina was just a stop over spot so once I got to the hotel I just stayed there.  I gained an hour by changing time zones again so I was happy to use that for sleep!  Dinner wasn’t worth photographing…there was a Ricky’s Restaurant in the hotel where I ordered a quesadilla special and peach Sangria.  Drink good, dinner meh.

After about half an hour in the hotel hot tub I zoned out in my room with this awesome little trooper. 


He’s getting really great at making himself at home!

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Laura said...

Day nine, jeeze. Your driving trek continues. I'm loving the trip so far, Canada does seem beautiful.

Lady J said...

I love Mr. Stoopy to pieces, he's ended up being the most amazing cat ever!! It's hard to believe he's as old as he is... or maybe that's why he's so laid back?? Give him an extra scratch behind the ear for me. xox

Angie All The Way said...

I've never even seen photos of the prairies before, isn't that strange?

You are truckin right along girl, wow!

Lynn said...

Jaime, I'm loving all the pics! Its really cool to see all of Canada. I know this is a lot of driving for you but it still must be pretty awesome! :)

I saw on twitter this morning that you made it to BC!!! Yay, only a few more hours/kms to go until you're home.

Anonymous said...

When I drove across the country I got that crazy butt pain too! I had to stretch it out everytime I stopped for coffee or gas but it was really hard to get rid of.
Love the pics!

Syl said...

So jealous that you got to meet Tamara!
I'm really enjoying reading about your travels Jamie.

H-woman said...

*gasp* You're in BC?!

Did you miss Calgary?!

What an absolutely amazing trip! I'm so envious and plotting my own...maybe next year I can do a CCCRT!


karen said...

Such amazing pictures!!! I love that your keeping us so well informed and updated. It's been a fun trip for me so far :)

Fran said...

I'm jealous you've met Tamara too! She's great.

I'm a new reader and did some reading back why you are on this roadtrip and I understand it's a move and you have to drive 4000 km?
That's a lot!

I love the pics you make, Canada is beautiful.

MsTrixx said...

pardon my shock - no one EVER stops in Regina.....dumb but true. I didn't know you planned to stop in the Queen City. That's my home town and I could have directed you to some good eats. My bro in law is a chef and runs one of the city's best kitchens - The Creek Bistro. Saskatchewan cuisine at its finest (and this is no tongue in cheek, I assure you!!) Perhaps on your next cross country adventure?? :) What an adventure - it's been a pleasure to follow you and Stoopy as you charge west.

rusty61 said...

I am loving this day by day recap of your Canadian journey, and now have a cross-country trip on my list of things to do someday!

Mikey said...