Saturday, July 03, 2010

CCCRT – Day Six

Fourth leg:  Toronto, ON to Sault Ste. Marie, ON

Mileage:  800 km

Time:  10 hours

Pee breaks:  three (and immediately upon arrival at the hotel!)

Gas stops:  two

Comfort Level:  Pain in lower back was better.  Used towel under bum and behind lower back for whole trip.  A walk and hot shower helped loosen it up afterwards.  Something kinda hinky going on with my knee now though.


Since Friday was officially a work day, Miss Marie was up early for work and I was up shortly after to get ready to hit the road.  Lovely girl let me sleep in her bed while she slept on the couch…I really could have stayed there all day.  :)  But I had places to go!

We sipped a bit of coffee at home, but headed out for a quick walk to get a good coffee and breakie snack from a cafe Marie wanted me to try. 


It’s actually kind of a two-in-one cafe…Crema Coffee Co. AND freshii


Because the two operate together they offer combos…so I got a breakfast wrap and a coffee to go.

IMG_9617 IMG_9618

Whole wheat tortilla filled with egg, bacon, cheese, tomatoes and dijonnaise.  Grilled panini style.  Nom!!  The dijonnaise made it.

Back at the apartment we loaded up my mass quantities of stuff…including poor Mr. Stoopy who had quite enjoyed living with Marie…and we were off.  Realizing we had not taken a photo together during our Canada Day adventures we decided to do it right there in the parking lot. :)

IMG_9620 IMG_9621

I had a bit of a tough time getting out of the city.  I missed a turn so instead of redirecting me my GPS recalculated the route and tried to send me through the USA.  Of course, I didn’t realize it was the wrong route until I was already about 50km out of the way.

I did get a lovely view of Lake Ontario and passed the gates to Exhibition Park.  That didn’t really make up for the hour and a half I lost.  Grrrr.

IMG_9625 IMG_9623

Once on the right path I ended up having to stop to pee right away and ended up buying an Iced Coffee as a treat.  Timmy’s can make them with chocolate milk!


A little while later I broke into the Zucchini Walnut Muffin I had bought at breakfast time.  It was fabulous.


I also drank this kind of weird water I had in my cooler.  I picked this up in Halifax ages ago but forgot about it until I was cleaning out the fridge.  It’s cinnamon and orange peel.  Interesting but I found the cinnamon totally took away from the refreshing quality water usually offers.


The drive to Sault Ste. Marie was actually quite gorgeous.  The weather was fantastic (although a little too warm for poor Mr. Stoopy) and aside from leaving Toronto and a bit of cottager traffic around Barrie it was smooth sailing most of the way.

IMG_9630 IMG_9632 IMG_7313

For my lunch break I busted the first of my Chobani…pineapple!


Thick and delicious…but I don’t think I’d pay that kind of money for it again.  I do love me some pineapple though!


Apparently Stoopy approves too!


Somewhere along the way there was a trading post (ie: junk store!) selling fudge and ice cream.  It was too hot for fudge so a cone it was.  :)  Tiger Tail in honour of Lex!

IMG_9636IMG_9642 IMG_9646

World’s Largest Loonie!  :)

IMG_7326 IMG_7329 IMG_7331 IMG_7332

Once at the hotel in Sault Ste. Marie I went for a lovely walk along the boardwalk (photo post coming up!) and found a Subway for dinner.

This is the highly touted Orchard Chicken Sammich.  I heart me some chicken salad and this didn’t disappoint.  Not as good as home made but better than boring turkey.

IMG_7430  IMG_7432

Stoopy and I chilled in our hotel for the evening.  I enjoyed a crazy long shower, stretching on the floor, and filing my nails.  We know how to rock a Friday night on the road!  WooT!

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misssarahlou said...

Am loving your trip! So jealous! :o)

Laura said...

I wish it was warm enough for ice-cream!

Lex said...

MMMMMMMMMM Tiger tail in hard ice cream! loves it!!

Mr Stoopy is such a trooper! i'm so glad he's been content on this trip!!!

So glad you're still safe! What an adventure!

Happiness is Handbags and More said...

Yay so glad you made it to Echo Bay. We live in Moncton but my husband is from there....small town for sure but it has history.