Thursday, July 15, 2010

CCCRT – Day Thirteen – the Final Leg!

Oh lordy people!  What a whirlwind I’ve been on!!  The convention was a success and a total blast.  Sort of a perfect end to my Colossal Cross-Canada Road Trip what with all of the fun parties and such. :)  Sorry to have abandoned you all but unfortunately work pays the bills and it had to be done.  But I’m back and I have the keys to my condo in hand so things shall return to normal shortly!


Eleventh leg:  Nanaimo, BC to Victoria, BC (the end!!)

This was almost a week ago already!

Mileage:  105 km

Time:  1.5 hours

Pee breaks:  zero

Gas stops:  none

Comfort Level:  'Twas a breeze.  What pain? :)


After some girl chat with my Mom I had a good sleep and then had to take care of some condo buying business.  I’m telling you people, I just have bad luck with mortgage peeps…LOL.  Good thing I stopped in Nanaimo because I needed to get my final payout in the form of a bank draft and drop it off because (as I’d mentioned to them multiple times) I was going to be out of town for work on the day it was due.  Of course, they failed to mention that particular due date until I just happened to shoot an email from Kamloops to check on things.  Good thing I did!

Anyway, after taking care of that and enjoying a Starbucks bevvie with my Mom I was on the road again.

IMG_9871 IMG_9876

A few lovely photos of the Pacific Ocean for you all…

1351 1358 1359

World’s Largest Hockey Stick & Puck.  I’ve driven by these a zillion times!  Located in Duncan, BC these were moved over after Expo ‘86 which was in Vancouver.


Made a quick pit stop at one of my favourite farm markets along the way for lunch.  Pasta salad and two kinds of fresh BC cherries!

1363 1365 1366

I arrived at my friend Nicole’s late afternoon and just couldn’t believe I’d finally made it!  She helped me cart all of my plants into the building (they were really starting to cook in all of this BC Summer heat, but they made it!) and we loaded up Stoopy to make a home for a few days.  Nicole actually lives in the building I’m going to be living in…how convenient!

We chatted and enjoyed a Strongbow (hmmm…that’s three people that had Strongbow waiting for me…I guess I’m that predictable!) while I relaxed.  I then went for a much needed mani/pedi…soooo not showing up for a work convention looking like a road trip hobo!  and to the mall to buy new undies.  haha.  I kinda ran out during my trip.  :)

We ended our evening with drinks and food at a local pub where I visited with new friends and good friends.  Having to turn around for work the next day put a bit of a damper on any welcome back festivities…but hey you know what? I live here now!!  We can visit any time we want!!  :) 

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Anonymous said...

That is such a cute shot of your and your Mom, she looks so happy to see you! :)

It's true what you said to me before, while the Pacific Ocean looks similar, there is just something really different about it compared to the Atlantic. You can just tell. Hope that made sense. It's does look gorgeous though and I can't wait to see it!!!

Christina said...

Happy to see you! I'm so glad the convention was fun :)

Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty said...

welcome home!!!!!! :)