Sunday, July 11, 2010

CCCRT – Day Twelve

Right now the convention is pretty quiet because damn near everyone is watching the final World Cup game so I guess I have a little time for another blog post.  :) I will be at the convention center for the next few days…with internet for work…but no guarantees there will be much in the way of fun photos or interesting stories.  We shall see!


Tenth leg:  Kamloops, BC to Nanaimo, BC (via Whistler, BC!)

Mileage:  450 km (plus ferry ride)

Time:  4.5 hours + 1.5 hours + 1.5 hour ferry ride

Pee breaks:  three

Gas stops:  one

Comfort Level:  Who cares?  I’m almost home!


Before leaving Kamloops I got to meet up with Amber for a yummy breakfast date!  She contacted me when she found out I’d be coming through her town and suggested we grab a meal before I hit the road.

She chose this funky little cafe…Hello Toast! 


Everything on the menu sounded deeeelish but she had heard great things about the Green Eggs and Ham so that’s what I decided to get.

1298 1299

Scrambled eggs with pesto and swiss cheese.  This was a hefty plate…I think I ate about half or so.  Amber and I were busy chatting the whole time!  Sadly, she had to return to work and I had to get on the road. 


Thanks for the great breakfast spot Amber!

My original itinerary had me going straight from Kamloops to Victoria, but since I was still full of energy and had my extra buffer day I decided that I just had to go through Whistler and then make a surprise visit to stay with my Mom overnight.  The drive time is about the same, but the highway to Whistler from Kamloops is CRAZY fun and scenic!

Stoopy thought he might like to drive.  :) 


1301 1303


The Old Duffy Highway rises and falls through the Cascade Mountains into the Coast Mountains.  It’s about 2 hours worth of crazy switchbacks, one way bridges, sketchy cliffside driving and almost white-knuckle driving.  The views are spectacular and it was totally the best way to end my adventure!


The stretch between Kamloops and Pemberton was also the hottest spot I visited.  When I stopped for a pee break in Lilloet I was smacked in the face with a wall of dry heat.  Somewhere around 38+ degrees I’m guessing.  Insane.  Awesome.




Once in Whistler I visited a work friend, Jonathan, who just happens to live in a lovely spot on the back of Green Lake.  We stood and enjoyed the nice lake breeze and chatted the afternoon away until I had to hit the road one more time…


Unfortunately I was running for a ferry and didn’t really know how long the drive would take…so for fear of missing the boat I didn’t stop to take pictures along the Sea to Sky Highway.  Boooo to that because the views are truly gorgeous and since they redid the highway for the Olympics it’s a smooth and beautiful drive. 

I made it to my ferry, then called my Mom to tell her that I was coming to Nanaimo and surprising her with an overnight visit.  :)  Can’t drive all that way without seeing my Mama!! 

It was dark by the time the ferry sailed so no photos from there either, but I knew I’d be back on another ferry for work in a couple of days, so no worries…pictures to come!

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Cowgirl Warrior said...

I love the fact that you've documented this trip from coast to coast and I'm super happy you got there safe and sound. Welcome back to the West!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Thanks again for meeting with me for breakfast - so fun!!

The trip through Whistler looks breathtaking - I need to make a point of making that trip sometime soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Aww, cute pic of you and Amber!!

I think I need a road trip from the Rockies on, everything looks amazing. The detour was a fab idea!

Laura said...

Woozer. I cant believe you've come all that way. It's great to have seen some sights around Canada.

How many mugs did you buy on this trip?
When I send you one over, do you want sydney or australia?

MoraPiggy said...

You have so many beautiful pictures from you CCCRT. You should have one of those coffee table photobooks made. You can get them at just about any photo printing place.

Lainey said...

So, is Mr. Stoopy happy to be spending his days somewhere that's not moving all day now? :o)

Jen Archer said...

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Shirls said...

So happy to hear you and Stoopy made it safe and sound, and so sad I missed you :0( but I totally get it, sometimes you've just got to keep on trucking.

the part about rogers and kicking horse being a crazy road? that cracks me up, not cause it isn't - cause it really is - but for me its just normal cause I drive it about 5 times a year to visit family :0)

and the part about the road from Kamloops to Whistler? loved reading about it, as this is where George, hubby and I plan to go for our annual week ride this year, can't wait!!

Jess said...

I just love you:)

Christina said...

How are you doing? Your readers miss you :) Hope you are enjoying home ♥

misssarahlou said...

Miss you! Hope you are settling in okay in your new place.