Sunday, July 18, 2010

CCCRT – Victoria – I Did It!!!

The day finally came that I can say I completed my Colossal Cross-Canada Road Trip and am now at home in Victoria, BC!  Thank you to Halifax, NS and everywhere in between for making my adventure so incredible.  

  • 8 provinces
  • 5 sleepovers
  • 4 hotels
  • 12 days
  • 6,530 kilometres
  • 14 gas stops
  • 20+ pee stops
  • 1500 digital photos
  • 12 iced coffees
  • and one fantastic furry companion

I DID IT!!!!

After returning from my work convention on Wednesday I headed straight back to Nicole’s and actually had to really put my nose down and get some work done. 

I did, however, get the much anticipated email from my lawyer saying my funding was complete…meaning my condo was mine!!  Shortly after that I got the call from my realtor that I could have my keys any time.  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! 

So he popped on over and I finally got to see my place!! 

I had hoped Tiffaney could be there since she did so much in helping me pick this place but alas she had a prior engagement.  My realtor, Jens, was understandably quite excited to finally show me the place too…we hugged and laughed and damn near jumped up and down when I walked in the door. 

I made him let Nicole take our picture.  :)


I can haz keys?!


Plug:  Victorians:  If you ever need a realtor, call Jens.  Any of you that have followed my condo hunting process know that he went above and beyond to help me out.  I looked at TWENTY units when I came out here in May…and didn’t buy anything.  This was lucky number 21…and upon viewing he knew it was the place for me.  I’m a lucky girl.  :)

Jens left me a thoughtful housewarming gift of yummy Summerhill sparkling wine and a gift certificate for Stage Small Plates Wine Bar that I can’t wait to use (oh ya, he’s a foodie too so we were kind of a match made in heaven…haha).

Funny enough, I basically just had a quick look around then locked the place up and headed back to Nicole’s.  I still had work to do, my furniture wasn’t here yet, and I was exhausted from all of my gallivanting around.

Thursday, I decided I needed to hit up the final photo op for CCCRT and headed on down to ‘Mile 0’ for views of the Pacific Ocean and the quintessential Victoria tourist shot.


I met some Ontario visitors that kindly took my photo and listened to me ramble for a few moments about my trip.  :)  I may have been slightly giddy!


I ate my lunch in the park, drove the seawall and into downtown, and loved every minute of the sun in my home city.

IMG_8252 IMG_8257 IMG_8259

I spent the afternoon working at Nicole’s, but come evening it was time to head back to my place (MY place!!!) and do some cleaning and prep for the arrival of my movers the next day.  As I walked down the hall I could see a lovely surprise sitting at my door…


A gorgeous arrangement from Miss Ali!  What a doll that girl is!

IMG_9909 IMG_9910

The evening entailed enjoying my balcony (evening sun!), scrubbing the bathroom (boys are gross), and visiting with Tiffaney over our first Strongbows in my new home.

Friday morning my movers arrived and I was reunited with my worldly possessions.  Box city…

IMG_8285 IMG_8287 IMG_8288 IMG_8293

For lunch I took a trip to the supermarket and did my first real grocery shop for my new pad…

IMG_8270 IMG_8271 IMG_8272 IMG_8273 IMG_8275 IMG_8276

Local produce!!  Crack hummus!  Lookie…Squirrelly BAGELS!  My life is almost back to normal.  Healthy lunch that I made.  Yay!

Another surprise knocked at my door…more beautiful flowers!!

IMG_8281 IMG_8282

I should buy a condo more often.  I freaking LOVE getting flowers!!!

After working for the rest of the day I came HOME to start unpacking, do a little more cleaning (on the surface it looks clean, but the kitchen is pretty gross…lame-o!), and spent the evening sitting around on MY furniture in MY living room with fabulous friends.  Is it bad that my fridge only contains hummus, fruit and three kinds of beer?


Thank you to everyone that kept reading, supporting and putting up with me during this incredible journey.  It was really a personal feat and a fabulous time, but knowing that so many people were reading and actually interested in little ol’ me totally helped make it even more worthwhile.  I hope that you will all stick around now while I try to get back to life as per usual.  Bigass salads and talk about exercising my bum shall resume tomorrow!  *giggles*

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Jenny said...

Welcome home! What a trip it was, I bet you're glad to have a your home base!

Take care,

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

So glad I got to meet you on your trip - and congrats for making it. That is huge!! I love your condo by the way!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on being in your new place! A great way to end a super cool roadtrip and a great way to start a new life.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm is Jens single?

Sorry but you guys take a cute photo togeth ;)

Hope you will get to have a good ol' housewarming party with lots of drinks in the kitchen...east coast style!!!

Crystal said...

Congrats on completing your road trip, you must be so happy to be back in BC.

How's Mr Stoopy doing?? Does he like the new place??

Counting Girl said...

Congrats on finishing your voyage! What an amazing opportunity to travel our wonderful country. I really enjoyed hearing about your travels and seeing the pictures!

Becki said...

Congrats lady!!
What an exciting time for you!
That picture with your little car right beside the ocean? Yea, instead of buying a condo out there next year, I think I'l just buy a tent and put it right there in the parking lot. That's exactly where I would like to live! ;)

Can't wait to see some finished photos!!

Bambi said...

Woohooo! I am so glad your trip has ended in a happy ending and a pretty new home.

Fran said...

Have fun in your beautiful new home!

I dropped in during your trip while Tamara mentioned your blog and so far I still like it so I'll still be around to read more of your adventures.

Becca said...

Aw, yay for making the trip and getting the keys to your new place! You sound so excited!!!!!!!

JavaChick said...

Welcome home Jaime! Glad your condo is everything you hoped. :)

clairerose77 said...

Congrats!!Thank you for sharing your journey:-)cc

Ali @ Fat to Fit said...

You'll be unpacked in no time flat, and it will be like you never left Vic!

I told you this before, but I'll tell you again - your condo is IDENTICAL to my apartment in Univeristy. Identical. I even showed Kev and he laughed - I guess these buildings were built at the same time with the same design! I loved my place and didn't want to move out, so I know how great your condo is :)

Can't wait to see it all put together, Jaime. Decorating is the fun part :)

Sonya @ Eyes on the Hourglass said...

Congrats on your new home! I loved following your adventure to it!

jaime said...

I'm finally catching up on your travels (I was vacationing last week and my Google Reader was FULL!) Congrats on the trip and your new condo! Can't wait to keep reading about all of your adventures - food and home-related. :)

Cali said...

I know I'm totally behind but I loved reading about your cross-country trip.

My grandparents lived right behind that seawall - on Dallas Road. Oh, how I loved it there!

Cali said...

I know I'm totally behind but I loved reading about your cross-country trip.

My grandparents lived right behind that seawall - on Dallas Road. Oh, how I loved it there!