Friday, July 16, 2010

CCCRT – Work and Play

During the day the booth isn’t usually too busy because a) the lawyers don’t necessarily love coming to the exhibit hall and b) they are attending continuing education classes, lectures, and seminars. 

On Sunday the hall was a ghost town for a few hours because everyone had run off to find a TV to watch the final World Cup game.  The hall did actually have two TVs with the game on and one of the exhibitors even sponsored free beer and pretzels!

About a hundred people milled around the TVs…I sat at the booth, caught up on work, and blogged.  haha.


When the game was over I grabbed good friend and former coworker Kristoff (he was there on his own business) to keep me company while I got a quick lunch from Subway…then dragged him around the new convention centre so I could play tourist.

Lots of fun art up around the centre…

IMG_8225 IMG_8229

Beautiful view from the walkway which connects to the seawall…


On the second day I realized that if I used the other door to the hall I could see the Olympic torch!


My favourite piece is the “Lego” Orca Whale…so cool.

IMG_8235 IMG_8237

It’s not blurry…it’s pixelated!  :)

Cruise ship at Canada Place (somehow I never actually got a picture of Canada Place and it’s sails!)

1416 1419

That was about the extent of my tourist time.  I’m sure you could tell by my lack of blogging that I must have been busy.  I was!!

Just for fun here’s a super brief synopsis of how things went:

Saturday:  booth from 1-4:30, then cocktail party in exhibit hall until 6pm, change into cute dress and head for opening reception held at the Vancouver Aquarium, plan to go to after party with other exhibitors but find ourselves out for cocktails at the new Fairmont Pacific Rim with fun clients until 1am.

Sunday:  booth from 8 – 4:30, cocktail party in exhibit hall until 6pm, change clothes and meet bosses at random cocktail party at the outdoor pool at our hotel, head to way fun party at brand new three-story club, stop for drink along the way, meet fun lawyers and stay later than bosses.  Sleep around 2am.

Monday:  booth from 8 – 4:30, eat proper sit down lunch finally, cocktail party in exhibit hall until 6pm, stop at small cocktail party on our way to hotel, learn about and attend bigger more fabulous cocktail party in our hotel, get changed and head out for way fun private party at local brew pub, stay out way too late with lawyers that are looking for fancy tequila.  Sleep sometime around 4am. 

Tuesday: inadvertently decide to sleep an extra hour, booth from 9-1 (exhibit hall closing – phew), lunch with client and Michelle, glorious nap and lounging around for a few hours, beer with client, dinner with client and Michelle, 2 more small cocktail parties, and one final farewell drink with clients before yet another 1am bedtime.

(I was supposed to actually leave Tuesday, but Michelle needed to stay for a business meeting and since we shared a room I could stay too!)

Wednesday:  head for home…I have a condo to close!  Finally tackle actual work that has been neglected for days, then fall asleep on Nicole’s couch at 8pm.  Wake up at 11pm, go to bed, sleep for another 9 hours.  Tired much?

What an amazing end to my super fabulous crazy few weeks, eh?  Too much fun.  And the best part is that we did some good business too.  Sometimes I heart my job.  Um, a lot.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun social time at conference!
Sounds like you are reinvigorated with your job.Are you gonna stick with working at home?
Whatever you do , all the best!

Laura said...

You are insanely busy my friend.

I owe you an email, I'll get to it.

Becca said...

That's Orca is crazy.. I was like.. it's blurry.. no.. wait she said Lego's... heh. Verra Cool.

Anonymous said...

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Is this possible?