Friday, July 16, 2010

CCCRT – Working Girl

Since I had to turn around and return to Vancouver the morning after completing my Colossal Cross-Canada Road Trip I didn’t really feel like I’d actually finished yet. 

I still had to get up early, repack a suitcase, organize my laptop and work bag, and ride the ferry bleary eyed.  Hmmm…sounds similar to much of my previous two weeks.  :)  Except at least I didn’t have to tackle any driving!

Nicole kindly drove me out to the ferry to save me some time and money.  First thing I did when I got on board was hit the snack bar for an easy breakfast…


The Victoria-Vancouver ferry route now offers free wi-fi so I was able to check a few things online.  I ran into my friend Meredith with her daughter and some family so we visited and caught up a weeee bit about my trip and her impending baby.  :)  Hi Mere!!!  Liane also found me because during our tweeting/BBMing we realized she was taking the same ferry for her move to Vancouver. Wish Liane luck with her new job and life in the big city!

I’ve made this trip many, many times but the scenery never ceases to amaze me.  Sometimes the ferry ride feels like a chore when you just want to get where you are going but for me this was an extension of my road trip and I was happy to continue playing tourist.

1380 1383 1392 1397 1409 1412

From the ferry I rode into the city on Pacific Coach Lines (Greyhound style coach/bus).  Saved me having to drive and/or deal with parking for the weekend.  The view of Vancouver when you come in over the bridge is pretty spectacular.  The familiar shapes of the distinct buildings mixed now with the amazingly tall skyscrapers and memorable trip over the bridge are always a welcome sight.

(the windows on the bus are all tinted for anti-glare so it’s damn near impossible to take photos…ah well)

I hopped off the bus near the Art Gallery and walked the few blocks to my hotel.  Was excited to find the Olympic clock since I haven’t been to the city since the Olympic hoopla.


Because this was for work I was sharing a hotel room with my co-worker Michelle.  We don’t always do that but because of my trip we weren’t sure I’d make it so we opted to book only one room just in case. 

View from our room…

14311432  1433 1434

I quickly got changed and did my hair and make-up so I could head to the convention center to join Michelle and get to work.  This is where the blogging and photo taking pretty much stopped because work had to come first. 

For those of you that have asked…I don’t like to talk specifically about my job for obvious reasons but I can say that I work for an online marketing company that is specifically for attorneys.  So when I go to conventions it’s always lawyer conventions. 

We spend our days in the booth selling our wares but our evenings are open to fun cocktail parties, drinks with other vendors, shmoozing with our clients (and potential clients) and just all round good times.  Sleep is highly sought after but rarely occurs.  :)

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clairerose77 said...

Those conventions sound like good times (other than the work part.hehe).I'm glad you made it safely.Congrats and good luck on your new beginnigs:-)cc