Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Day Ago

Well yes...I did promise two posts yesterday but I'm sure you all survived when it didn't happen.  :)

So here's yesterday in a nutshell...

Coffee at my new desk...


Breakfast on my now functioning dining table...


Kashi Honey Almond Flax with vanilla soy milk, blueberries and banana.


Trip to chiropractor which confirmed that it indeed my lower back/hips that are causing my pain.  He referred to my pura forma muscle?  I tried Googling that and obviously I'm spelling it incorrectly because I can't find a thing!  Something to do with how it connects with my sciatic and everything kind of wraps together in my bum and affects nerves all up and down my leg.  Yippee.  Not.

So I'll go back to him tomorrow and keep working at it.  In the meantime he told me not to spend too much time sitting.  Ha!  Ya, that's doable when I work at a desk all day...and oh, sitting is the only time I'm not in agonizing pain. Fab.

Lunch was light as I was in a hurry...


Veggies, wheat crackers, and Sabra crack hummus.


Of course I was hungry not long after that tiny meal!  So Squirrelly toast with Supercrack and the cheese I'm not so sure about...


I had intended on getting some sort of activity.  I haven't been back to the gym since Monday, haven't kept up with Lynn's Seven Days of Yoga at all, and have barely even been outside since the weekend.  But somehow I got the bright idea to go shopping instead...and ended up coming home empty handed.  Oh well.

Well, not totally empty handed...I did get the world's tastiest ice cream bar from Purdy's.  I used to hate the roasted almonds when I was a kid, but now they are the whole reason I indulge once in a while!


By the time I finished shopping my pain was at like an 8 so I ate my dinner in the comfort of my desk chair and caught up on some blogs I haven't read in a bazillion years. 

Leftover Chicken and White Bean Salad...


Probably should have done some stretching but oh well...maybe today.  :)

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Jaclyn said...

Try googling "piriformis muscle". That should do the trick :)

Jessica said...

I wondered if it was your piriformis muscle that was bugging you!

From your description, it sounds like you're having a lot of the same issues I have. The chiropractor and massage help. So does a lot of stretching! I've got a couple of good ones that are hard to describe but I'm more than happy to show you!

Laura said...

Oh my, that ice cream bar is insane. I want.

I'm so making a salad tonight.

H-woman said...

Yep, it's piriformis.