Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day at the Beach

After starting my day out in a ‘mood’ yesterday I was glad my big plans for the day included pretty much just laying around in the sun.

I was up relatively early to retrieve my car from the pub (no parking ticket!  yay!) and of course stopped for caffeine on my way home.


I snacked on yogurt, banana and blueberries while I blogged…


Around noonish, Tiffaney picked me up and helped me procure my new desk…and basically carried that heavy puppy up here all by herself.  Then we stopped at London Drugs to get her some sunglasses and I left with the patio chairs I had been admiring the weekend before. 


We grabbed my absolute favourite lunch…rollups from Delicado’s…then headed for the sand. 


Willows Beach in Oak Bay, Victoria.

IMG_9939  IMG_9942

All sunscreened up, don’t worry.  Our friends Jill and Rose joined us while we lounged, chatted, and ate candy.  Lovely afternoon. 


On our way home we stopped for refreshing Frosters from Macs.  A glorious, hot, sunny Saturday is not complete without a slushy treat!


The rest of my Saturday was spent napping, visiting with a friend, finally catching up on my banking/budgeting, and watching half a season of Grey’s on my computer.  Just the recharge I needed I think!

Today was dedicated to getting my kitchen stocked up and picking up as many of the small ‘must have’ items that have been on my growing list.  As much as I hate to admit it, I loved spending a couple of hours just wandering through the giant new Walmart Supercentre. 

Before I left I munched half of a Squirrelly bagel with PB and honey.  I also had an Iced Coffee from Starbies but I guess I didn’t take a picture.


As much as I like to try to shop local, I’m on a major budget trying to restock a household here.  I did pop into Zellers the other day but as per usual I walked out empty handed because the prices and selection just aren’t good enough. 

I bought a bit of produce at Walmart but I won’t be making a habit of that…although it all looks to be quite good quality and the prices were certainly right.


I also visited the grocery store afterwards to pick up some more produce, fresh seafood, and a few odds and ends I couldn’t get at WM.  On my way through the bakery I spotted one of my favourite carby treats…a pepperoni cheese stick!


I used to work at Thrifty Foods and would eat these for lunch on a regular basis.  I bet it’s been 5 years since I had one.  Still delicious!

It took me four trips up the stairs to my apartment to unload all of my loot…so I guess I did actually kind of get a workout today.  :)  After putting everything away I broke in my new patio chairs and did some reading on my sunny patio.

Even after buying all of those groceries I still ate something pre-made for dinner…but freshly pre-made!  Bacon wrapped scallops…nom nom nom.


On top of a crispy romaine salad…simply tossed with cherry tomatoes and orange pepper…and dressed with EVOO and lemon juice. 

IMG_8409 IMG_8411

Tonight’s plan is to set up my new desk so I can finally quit working on my laptop at the kitchen table!  I’ll be snacking on these peanut butter pretzels I found in the bulk section at Thrifty’s.  Yes, these are the same bad boys we thought only came from Trader Joe’s.  Danger Danger!!


Before bed I will be taking part in Day One of Lynn’s Seven Days of Yoga Challenge.  I tested out my ability to do yoga with my bad leg/hip/bum the other day and while it’s not perfect by any means I didn’t hurt myself worse so I’m happy to be a part of the challenge.  Perfect timing for motivation to get back on the fit and fab bandwagon.  :)

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Laura said...

Your buying furniture & setting your place up, it's uber exciting.

Omg, my mum is obsessed with those peanut butter thingos.
I'm sadly not a fan of peanut butter.

Your salad looks delicious

Lynn @ The Next Chapter said...

That beach looks gorgeous girl! Great pics as usual! I'm glad that you're making time to relax. Nothing helps me de-stress more than just chilling with friends.

4 trips up the stairs? I'd definitely say that was at least a mini-work out! ;)

I'm using the yoga challenge as a way to ease back into working out too.

Becca said...

Lots of pictures! And as usual everything looks great. I'm so jealous of your beach shots, it was rainy this weekend so I didn't get the chance to go. ~pout~

JavaChick said...

I hardly ever go to Walmart, but I was there on Saturday too.

Looks like you're getting settled; I'm sure you'll get back to your routine. Just give yourself a bit of time. :)

MoraPiggy said...

Ahh, the beach!! I love the beach, havn't been to one this summer. I'm too prego's and sitting in beach chairs or even on a towel is just too uncomfortable.

Side note:
I have those food containers from Walmart and they are great. They stack nice and have a great variety of sizes.

tash said...

I love your patio chairs!

CARLA said...

Willow beach looks beautiful! Youc an see the mountains and lay on the beach?? Sign me up! You are a lucky girl!

Nellers said...

Wow I love your Beach/Mountain pix! Supposedly I live near the World's Most Beautiful beach (Pensacola Beach), yet I am still very jealous of those with a Mountain view! lol Glad you're getting back into the groove of things. :)