Monday, July 26, 2010

Day in the Life

Today felt much more like a normal day in the life of Jaime.  My apartment still looks like a cyclone went through it but thanks to a few good comments and some discussions with my Mom and friends I’ve decided to just let it go.  It will be done when it’s bloody well done.  :)

What do I normally do when I get up?  (Besides shuffling bleary eyed to the potty…).  I drink coffee.  In this lovely smartass mug from my mother…

IMG_8418 IMG_8419

Sweet right?  Riiiiight.  But see this heart…well, it’s one of those dealios where when you add a hot beverage words appear…

IMG_8420 IMG_8422

Mhmmmmm.  Some gift, eh!?  haha, thanks Mom!

After sufficient caffeination it’s time for breaky.  Blueberries, strawberries, organic vanilla yogurt…sprinkled with hemp hearts…

IMG_8423 IMG_8424

After a litre of water and working for the morning it’s time to make lunch!  A Squirrelly sammich!

IMG_8425 IMG_8427

Toasted Squirrelly bread, crack hummus, fat-free roast turkey, local yellow tomatoes, and baby spinach…

IMG_8428 IMG_8429

Served with pickles.  Oh it’s nice to have options in the fridge again!

What have I not done for a month that I did today?

… wait for it …

I went to the gym!!  That’s right.  I worked solidly through the afternoon and at 4:30 I got my gear on, hopped in my car and headed over to see what the Goodlife here in Victoria was all about.

I’ll save my review of the gym for later in the week after I’ve had a few visits but I will say I’m not completely sold on it yet. 

Since it has been a while since I’ve worked out, and since I have no idea what is causing my glute/hip/leg pain I decided just to do an easy cardio day and upper body strength training.

Treadmill:  20 minutes incline power walk

Strength:  3 x 12

  • overhead press
  • tricep dips
  • lateral raises
  • hammer curls
  • overhead tricep lift
  • bicep curls (with barbell)

I had to drop to less weight than usual but hopefully it will only take me a week or two to get back up to where I was. 

Finished with 3 x 30 second planks mixed with 3 sets of easy crunches and lots of stretching.  My glute didn’t bother me too much until I got to the floor work.  I’m honestly really starting to think it’s actually stemming from my hip joint. 

After the gym I came straight home for a snack and a shower.  Lynn mentioned dates on her blog the other day so I was on the lookout for them when I shopped.  She stuffs hers with cream cheese…I stuff mine with peanut butter. 


Dinner was supposed to be a yummy White Bean & Chicken Salad I found in a magazine, but even though I took the chicken out of the freezer yesterday…it was still frozen!  So, tune in tomorrow for that one.

Instead I made a simple Shrimpy Salad on Wasa crackers…and didn’t miss that salad at all.  I love me some fresh West Coast shrimp!


With celery, green onion, olive oil mayo, dijon and s&p.  Normally I would add dill but I haven’t fully restocked my spice rack yet.


With veggie sticks to fill the salad void.


The rest of my evening was spent doing my first load of apartment building laundry (yes I gave up in suite laundry…but I shall survive…we have a very nice and properly priced laundry room here), talking on the phone, and finishing off my effing desk.

Seriously people.  They apparently expect She-Ra or He-Man to be assembling this freaking thing.  Because it’s MDF it weighs a zillion pounds, and there were literally like 75 pieces.  I know it doesn’t look it but geeeeesh.  I deserve a Girl Scout patch or something!


See…even the manufacturers knew that it wasn’t really easy to assemble…


See that winky face?!!  Someone there thinks they are VERY funny.  Rotten buggers. 

Anyway…it’s done!  Tomorrow I can set up my desktop computer and will have a real little office space to call my own.

While I worked at it I snacked on the last of my local cherries.  Must.get.more. 


Now it’s off to bed to catch up on True Blood…and maybe Entourage if I’m still awake.  I just realized last night that it had started up again while I was travelling so I have a few episodes to watch. Yay!

Now THAT is what a day in the life of Jaime should be like.

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Sonya @ Eyes on the Hourglass said...

LOL... I love that wink on that box! too funny... love that mug too!

Conny Mc said...

The desk looks great. That is freaking hilarious that they put a happy face on the instructions. I would have had a full blown panic attack probably just looking at the instructions. LOL

I love how you cook,it inspires me!
I think your Mom and friends are right,the apt will get done when you can fit it in. I stress too much sometimes about my house being tidy. Meanwhile my kids are waiting around wanting to spend time with me....priorities!

Lynn @ The Next Chapter said...

Hahaha, I LOVE that they put the winky face on the instructions, too funny! It looks great though. :)

Whoohhoo for getting back to the gymbo!

PS. That fresh shrimp looks SO much better than the frozen bagged stuff I buy from Superstore. YUM!

Marisa (Loser for Life) said...

I LOVE that cup!!! LOL! I'm craving shrimp salad... :)

Liz said...

trip to the gym = getting back to "normal" life. way to go.
The winky face on that desk made me laugh. So sinister!
p.s. did you ever get my road trip package? It was supposed to get to your old place before you left, but then I dropped off the face of the earth bc of work and forgot to ask you.

Katie said...

hahaha that winky face is hilarious!!

Glad you're getting back into your normal routine. :)

JavaChick said...

Laundry in the building is not bad. Having to drag your laundry out of the building to a laundromat would be a pain.

Love the winky face on label. Ha!

Vanessa said...

Bwahaha...that wink on the box cracked me up. You are super woman!