Wednesday, July 21, 2010

First Dinner

Well I guess this is officially home!  I think cooking a first real meal marks the home sweet home milestone. :)

Since I’m short on ingredients around here, I chose a fresh but simple recipe from the Eating Well magazine I received from Sarah.  Light on the calories, high on the veggies, big on flavour.

Creamy Garlic Pasta with Shrimp & Vegetables

(I cut the recipe in half to make two servings)


I pretty much followed the recipe as written, except for subbing orange peppers in lieu of the red and fresh basil in place of the parsley.  (and I skipped the optional pine nuts).

IMG_8338 IMG_8339

Shrimp and asparagus.  Favourite flavour duo.

IMG_8340 IMG_8341 IMG_8342

The sauce is more of a dressing and could be easily used in a variety of ways.  Garlic and lemon are pretty versatile!  Especially when you mix them with yogurt, coarse salt, pepper, and fresh basil.

IMG_8344 IMG_8345 IMG_8347 IMG_8349

I’m glad I switched it up for the basil…it really made the dish.


Personally I don’t ‘mind’ whole wheat pasta, but given the option I chose Smart instead. It’s actually higher in fibre…and tastes better.


Pretty much everything cooks in the same pot.  Drain then toss with the yogurt sauce.  That’s it!

IMG_8353 IMG_8354 

Enjoy with frosty beer.  :)


Follow with chocolately dessert treat.

IMG_8358 IMG_8359

Deeeeeelish!  This one will stay on the easy dinner rotation.  Nom.

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Lynn @ The Next Chapter said...

Mmm looks good! Are those fresh peas? YUM!

I'm glad you're getting all settled in and back into a routine. :)

Becca said...

Oh, that sounds very yummy - I'm going to have to bookmark this and give it a shot.

Jocelyn said...

what a great looking dinner! I love those cookies btw :)