Saturday, July 24, 2010


As you may have noticed, my blogging mojo has taken a bit of a dip.  I’m working on it y’all but just bear with me while I get settled and try to bring back the healthy balance.

Mornings bring on lots of motivation, but afternoons are still a struggle.  After work I seem to rally a bit, but evenings are still tough.  I’ll get there.  I hope.  Yikes.

Yesterday morning I busted out my shiny new Montreal mug.  Makes me want to go back and visit my brother.


I didn’t realize it until now but I didn’t eat breakfast yesterday.  A clear sign that I’m definitely not back on track. 

Lunch involved a snack plate built around crack hummus. 


With super fantastic cherry tomatoes my Mom brought from a farmer’s market last weekend.  Soooo good!! 


And feta cubes, carrot sticks, and crackers.


Afternoon snack of BC cherries.  I’m going to cry when cherry season is over.


I knew I was heading out for a few drinky-poos last night so made sure to eat a little bit heavier dinner before hand.  The leftover turkey patty served on half a Squirrelly bagel with Light Laughing Cow cheese was crazy tasty!


I’m glad I broke that patty into two meals it was huge.  and I had a better look at it…I think part of the tastiness is that they make it was some kind of stuffing.  Probably Stove Top or something…which makes it a lot less healthy that I originally hoped. 


Into the evening I totally disregarded my camera.  Maybe it’s the 1500 road trip pictures I took.  My brain just doesn’t want to play photographer right now. 

I had a bevvie here at home with a friend, then a few more at a local pub.  Somewhere in there we ordered the fancy poutine…which was really good but made me feel guilty.  I think I need to institute a no french fry rule.

Obviously my post-move reality is setting in.  The big adventure is over and now I have to face real life.  Hmmmmm.  Can’t decide how I feel about that.

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rusty61 said...

Geez, don't be apologizing for your blogging, look at all you did on your big trip across Canada, sharing all that with us. You took us along on your journey, and we'll always be following you around!

Take your time getting sorted, and enjoy your new surroundings!

Lynn @ The Next Chapter said...

I've heard its quite common to feel down after big life events, like your crazy move! ;) You'll find your balance soon and get settled in. xoxo

Fran said...

I can imagine that it's a bit difficult to find your daily routine after such an amazing trip. So take your time, it will come back and you will find your mojo back.