Monday, July 19, 2010

Home Food

Today I attempted to get back on track with my usual routine of healthy eats and exercise.  Things started out OK but my evening got a bit away from me so instead I have a post here of two yummy “welcome back to Victoria” meals I had this weekend.  :)

On Saturday my Mom came down from Nanaimo and we spent the day running errands and buying some new loot for my new pad.  You know, exciting things like toasters and kettles.  (actually I was pretty damn excited to get a four slice toaster and a quick boil cordless electric kettle!!)

We decided to grab an early dinner before heading back here to do some cleaning.  After a few trips around the block downtown, we decided on Ferris’s Grill…which sort of inadvertantly seems to have become one of my go-to spots.

This is the place with the freaking awesome Chicken Penne Soup, which I ordered almost every time.  But not this time!  I wanted a heartier meal so I opted for their Roasted Chicken Burrito.

IMG_9917  IMG_9919

mmmmmm…sour cream drizzle…*drool*

With their side salad.  I know it’s just salad but they make the best one…I’m serious.  And there is no dressing better than their creamy lemon feta


My Mom had The Other Great White Hope (aka: pulled pork sammich)…which she declared to be very tasty…although super messy.  She had to knife and fork it.


The restaurant also has an upstairs lounge which has just started serving a full menu so I suspect you will see me and my girls stop there for a cocktail or two in the coming months.

On Sunday morning the other Jamie and I decided to get together for brunch before she came over to see my place. 

First, you must see this awesome magnet she got for me!! 


haha, apparently my love for bacon is well known!!

Jamie suggested we try Mo:Lé for our Sunday brunch since most anywhere good would be packed, but Mo:Lé has the added plus of being located right next door to a good coffee bar so you can go there to wait for your table.  Plus, I’d never been there.

I had a pretty non-fat latte while we chatted at Habit


Mo:Lé has a funky, eclectic menu of all kinds of tasty stuff.  I had trouble deciding but eventually landed on Mo’s Biscuit because it included cream cheese scrambled eggs AND my beloved bacon.

IMG_9925 IMG_9926 

Served with pesto hash browns


And a bite of Jamie’s mushroom sausage.  Yes, a sausage made from mushrooms…twas tasty!


Two pretty fabulous casual meals to welcome me home.  Thanks Victoria!

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Anonymous said...

Mushroom sausage sounds really good! :)

All your eats look tasty actually. Glad you're catching up with everyone and settling in. xoxo

Becca said...

Pesto potatoes.. very interesting. That entire plate looks very interesting actually - great pics!

I Love Your Whole Face said...

I just caught up on your trip posts. One, I want to do a road trip and two, I must visit Canada soon! Your pics were gorgeous!!! Glad you made it safe and sound.

Pheonix said...

You always make me drool! *DROOL*!

(PS, thanks for the comment on my family blog! I have a foodie blog too! Krista)

Anonymous said...

Your breakfast looked so freakin amazing!