Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Set Up

Sorry kids, no bloggie tonight.  I got my desktop computer all set up but it's taking all freaking night to update, transfer files back over, and upload the 1600 pictures I've taken since I last used it.

Had I been smart I would have blogged from my laptop but alas I did not realize that it would take so long to get set up.

But tomorrow expect two posts!  Hurrah!  Both from the comfort of my lovely new desk!

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Lynn @ The Next Chapter said...


Take your time. :)

Orionbelt24 said...

Glad you are getting your home all set up!

I rarely get a chance to comment on blogs as I rarely get a chance to get on my computer (three crazy monkeys will do that to you!) and it is hard to comment from my BB but I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed reading about your road trip. So many picture brought back so many memories and I loved seeing those places again.

I'm also loving reading about what you are doing in Victoria because I miss Victoria so much! Looks like we might be back there sometime next year though!

Shirls said...

the desk looks fab! I can't believe they actually put a winky face on the label... I may have walked away, or possibly felt like I wanted the challenge - so I guess the marketing works! LOL

I also love the mug your mom got you, totally something my mum would do

as for your cyclone, I totally agree it will get done when it gets done, lately I've really taken this to heart, I use to be super scheduled, every Saturday laundry, every Sunday groceries - but its not living when I put off fun things on the weekends for chores..so the laundry can wait and I can get groceries when I really need to get groceries and not just cause its Sunday..

btw - you know I've been absent for some time and a horrible blog friend, so I spent quite some time catching up with your blog, and although I have no right to have an opinion on your personal life, I am sorry things didn't work out as you had planned, but obviously you felt the need to move on, and that takes a strong person, then to undertake a cross country move! wow, your a superstar and I truly believe putting yourself first is never wrong, super impressed that you did just that and didn't settle, you are amazing!