Saturday, August 21, 2010

Air Poppin'

For some reason when I was packing for my move I decided to leave my microwave behind for Arron.  I figured I'd buy another one...but now that I'm here I'm trying to live without it.

This old air popper had been in storage for at least 3 years but I decided to bring it along anyway.

IMG_9135 IMG_9137

I'm pretty certain I bought this puppy in about 1995.

Got me some Orville. 

IMG_9139 IMG_9141

Laughed at the popped corn flying out of the shoot and pretty much all over the kitchen.  Startled by the few kernels that finished popping after already landing in the big silver bowl.


Microwave schmicrowave.


Drizzled with real butter melted on the actual stove.  Old school.

IMG_9151 IMG_9152

Salt. Napkin. Enjoy the real deal.

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H-woman said...

I <3 air popped popcorn! I always add some nutritional yeast for some cheesy goodness.


Mo said...

I loooove my air popper. It's ridiculously old but it probably gets used at least 3 times a week... if not more. :O

Try it with EVOO and sea salt. It will change your life, I promise. ;)

JavaChick said...

I have that air popper! Honestly, nothing like real popcorn - air popped or made in a pot on the stove. Microwave popcorn is just not the same.

Anonymous said...

This totally reminds me of my childhood! I love airpoppers.