Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Biscotti Supper

Odd day.  I totally crashed in the late afternoon...went for a 20 minute power nap and completely passed out.  And after that I wasn't hungry for dinner.  I hope I'm not getting sick!!!

Before the day went to snoozeville there was some fun eats...


Egg over-medium served on Silver Hills Big 16 toast spread with light herby cream cheese and topped with salsa.  I wanted something different and this totally hit the spot.

Today also marked my first attempt at French press coffee! 


I made it a tiny bit too weak (for fear of making it too strong) but all in all it was really good and I bet tomorrow it will be perfect!

For lunch I made a super fabulous bigass salad (maybe this bowl is the reason I wasn't hungry for supper?!).  


Spinach, carrots, cucumbers, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and herby goat cheese.


Drizzled with EVOO and white wine vinegar, sprinkled with coarse salt, and at the last minute I tossed in a few walnut pieces.


A couple of Raincoast Crisps to complete the meal.  At only 90 calories for 4 of these delicious gourmet crackers I may keep them in my cupboard more often!

After my crazy nap I met up with the other Jamie for a coffee date.  I had a decaf cafe au lait and a blueberry white chocolate biscotti but it never even occurred to me to take a picture!  Obviously I'm totally out of it today.

When I got home I was full from the milk in my bevvie and since it was after 9pm I decided not to bother with dinner.   Here's hoping the snack monster doesn't show up because of the lack of proper meal!!

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Laura said...

Berries in a salad are on the top of my list when they become cheaper in summer

(Got you some more treats today)

Lynn @ The Next Chapter said...

That is totally my kind of salad! I love fresh berries with greens. Mmm!

Doesn't french press taste fabulous? :)

Shrinking Jen said...

I totally have to get more adventurous with my salads and add more fruit! I don't even drink coffee but your picture makes me want one... and perhaps some egg on toast (with ketchup of course!).

I hope you're not getting sick!