Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dragon's Tongue

Day Two back on track = fairly successful.  A few little snacks creeped their way in, but nothing worth worrying about.  So far.  :)

Breakfast was a rushed bowl of yogurt and berries...which apparently escaped the camera lens.  I'm sure you know what that looks like!

Lunch featured some deeeelish crack hummus with tomatoes on a toasted sammich thin...

IMG_9294 IMG_9297

With Black Forest Ham and pickles, and shelling peas...

IMG_9295IMG_9298 IMG_9301

I saw a Sabra hummus commercial the other night.  Apparently it's pronounced "sah-bra" and all this time I've been saying "say-bra".  Who knew?

After lunch snackie...two sweet and juicy BC plums.  So juicy I ate them over the sink with juice running down my arm.  Nom!


Pre-workout treat...Chocolaty Peanut Butter Honeybar.  Deeeelish.  Sort of reminded me of an extra chewy Haystack Cookie. 


In addition to planning my meals and watching my food intake more closely, I have promised myself that I will get back to a proper workout routine.  Throughout all of the moving and traveling I lost my workout mojo...and if it wasn't for the Group Training sessions twice a week I'd literally be sitting on my behind all of the time. 

This is not me.

So tonight I hauled myself off to the gym right after work...with enough time for a 20 minute treadmill run (2 minutes running vs 1 minute walking) before a 60 minute yoga class.

My body is already thanking me.  Even if it did seem 8000 times harder than it would have just two months ago. 

Dinner was easy-peasy.  I had thawed out too much chicken when making the Red Thai Curry this weekend so I whipped up a batch of Coconut Chicken Strips (using my Coconut Shrimp method) and threw them in the freezer.

Baked off a few in the oven and paired with a simple salad and these way-cool looking Dragon's Tongue beans I picked up at the market.

IMG_9308 IMG_9310 IMG_9311

Steamed up those beans and served simply with a smidge of real butter and s&p.  Sadly, they were a lot more bitter than I I only ate about half of them.  Bummer.

IMG_9316IMG_9318IMG_9320 IMG_9321

Dinner was late, so dessert was just a few spoonfuls of ice cream to quiet my sweet tooth after my long, hot, epsom salt filled bath.  Caught up on some much overdo blog reading and dragged my tired bum to bed.

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Lynn @ The Next Chapter said...

Yay for day 2 of tracking!! :) I meant to try out that recipe (coconut coating) sooner and am copying it to my PC now.

I'm finding tracking/staying focused a lot easier lately and there are quite a few bloggers out there trying to get back on track too. Lots of support!

Laura said...

oh oh, yeah for day two. thats awesome!

Seriously yummy eats today.

Your markets have the weirdest produce, it's awesome!