Monday, August 16, 2010

Flying Otters

On Saturday I had hoped to spend some time just wandering around showing Cat a few sites in downtown Victoria and enjoying a local fresh lunch.  The weather was freaking scorching though!!  After being out of the car for only 5 minutes we were worried about melting into the pier so we changed our lunch plans and decided to try someplace new to us.

I've seen a fair amount of chatter on Twitter about The Flying Otter Grill, which is located right on the water at the seaplane terminal.  We didn't know what to expect but once we walked in we knew we'd like it.

011 013

The server warned us that their slightly enclosed patio was incredibly hot so we opted to sit inside.  It was still REALLY warm but we could handle it and we were hungry!

Iced Tea...


I had almost decided on a bigass salad because I couldn't bear the thought of something warm and cooked in that heat but at the last minute I asked the server about one of the specials and after her description I had to order it.

Blackened Salmon Wrap...

003 006

With Tossed Salad and Lemon Garlic Vinaigrette...


Now that's what I like to see as a side salad!  Mixed greens (no iceberg in there!!) with a few veggies, dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds.  The dressing had a MAJOR kick to it...more dijon than garlic I think...but it was yum.

The wrap totally hit the spot and the salmon was cooked perfectly.  I loved all of the crisp veggies and how the juices all seeped to the bottom to make the last bite saucy and messy.  :)

Cat ordered the Clubhouse and said it was really good too.  There were tons of yummy looking menu items so I will definitely be making another trip there...maybe one day when it's not one zillion degrees outside.


This slightly disturbing mascot hung above our table while we ate.  Eeeeep.  :)

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Kris said...

Hey girl! What a cute little restaurant! I think this wrap looks so tasty! Salmon used to be my fave thing to eat. I wonder if I can be vegan and only eat salmon? I think that would be fine for me!

Lol, what a cute mascot ;)


Shrinking Jen said...

Mmmm salmon!!

That mascot would totally freak me out. I think I would have left! you are brave :)

Kim said...

haha... that flying otter is awesome! The goggles totally make it.