Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gettin' Comfy

After spending most of yesterday in the sun and getting caught up on some errands I came home to realize I had another free evening of just lounging around.  Normally I might be a little sad about having no weekend night time plans but this is really the first weekend since I moved back that I've just chilled out and enjoyed the fact that I now have a functional living room.


My walls are still white (paint chips collected today), my end tables won't be in for at least two weeks, and I can't hang art until I figure out the paint situation....but I do at least have my TV set up.

Yes, that's pretty much the exact same stand I just left behind in Halifax.  I liked it so much that I went looking for the smaller version and ordered it up. 

After my late, huge Red Fish Blue Fish lunch I wasn't super duper hungry. I was doing the whole "open fridge, open cupboard, stare blankly" thing in the kitchen...and eventually settled on the box of Annie's Bunnies & Cheese I picked up a week or so ago.

IMG_9173 IMG_9175

Cuz if you are going to eat boxed mac & cheeeeese it should at least be shaped like bunnies.  :)


A kitchen tip from me to you:  If you place a wooden spoon across the top of a boiling pot of water, it won't boil over.  Tis true!


Not too shabby for boxed pasta.  It ain't the real deal but it beats KD.


(I may have slathered those bunnies up with ketchup....but it made for an AWFUL photograph!)

To go along with my bowl of comforting cheeeesy bunnies and girlie movie I decided I needed some chocolate chip cookies.  And not some "healthified" version, or fibered up oatmeal things, but a REAL chocolate chip cookie.

Google to the rescue.  A 10 second search led me straight to the Joy of Baking website.  Seemed like the right place to be for a good old fashioned recipe.  :)  I followed this recipe exactly...making just a half batch...and about 40 minutes later I had myself a plateful of Saturday night treats.


I baked up a dozen, and the other 8 dough balls made their way into the freezer for future baking (or frozen dough snacking!).


These are the chocolate chip cookies I was looking for.  Save this recipe.  Honest.

Enjoyed with a pretty spectacular sunset.  IMG_9180 IMG_9183IMG_9179IMG_9182  Have I mentioned I love my view?

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Shirls said...

you are soooo much smarter than me girl!! last weekend I cooked the whole damn batch of cookie dough, struggled with having them in the house all weekend and thankfully got it together enough to send them to work with hubby last Monday morning...

as for the tv stand, I have almost the same one! LOL and mac and cheese shaped like bunnies? that rocks

Christy said...

Lol I totally had a hankering for chocolate chip cookies tonight and am going to use that recipe! :)

Love the TV stand, I wish we could use one but we have to have ours over the fireplace (don't ask).

Laura said...

Oh paint chips are the worst, best of luck picking a color. Have you considered just hanging a painting or art work instead?

Your sunset is delicious. I'd love to join you one night there!

JavaChick said...

Those cookies look just like the ones I make with my favorite recipe (from the Purity cookbook).

You do have a lovely view!