Tuesday, August 17, 2010


On Saturday night Cat and I went to a fun partay hosted by my friend Rose.  It was a good excuse to buy a cute new dress and actually flat iron my hair for the first time in a few weeks.  :)

Photo credits go entirely to Tiffaney at this point because aside the one I took of the food table I didn't take any pictures.  There was another photo genius floating around too but it may take a while to get my hands on anything he took.

Mingles 006

The party was held in Tiffaney's office...which is lovely!  But the AC was on the fritz (on the hottest day of the year) so we were all pretty much melting. 

Mingles 008 Mingles 010

I wish I had a full length shot of the dress as I think it's supah cute!

Mingles 011 Mingles 027 Mingles 039

Cat and I were drinking red wine (because we were being lazy and didn't feel like dealing with mixed drinks) but in retrospect we should have picked something a little more warm weather friendly.  :)

Rose put out an AMAZING spread of food.  I made it my mission to taste a bit of everything.  The nice part about the party being in an office was that even though it's not a massive space there is lots of room for wandering around and mingling.  So I could venture past the food table at fairly regular intervals without it being obvious what I was doing.  hehehehe.  :)


Due to the extreme heat we ended up rotating a lot of the perishables into the fridge so I did miss out on the egg sammiches...but the deeeelish samosa made up for it.  :)

Thanks girlies!!  Tell Dennison I want those pictures STAT. ha!

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Shirls said...

If you hadn't said her name was Rose I would swear she was my friend Arlea..serious "twin" thing going on there!

I wish you had a picture of your dress too, the bits we can see look amazing and I love the feather pattern on Cat's lovely frock, bunch of hotties at the party!

Cat said...

I'm still sweating from that night....