Sunday, August 22, 2010

Moss Street Market

One of the best parts of returning to Victoria after a couple of years is actually the feeling that I'm kind of a tourist in my own home town again.

For a couple of weeks now I've wanted to get to the awesome Moss Street Market...and yesterday I managed to do it.


It is one of the area's largest farmer's markets and it was a perfect day for a visit!  So gorgeous and sunny.  I went equipped with my reusable grocery bag, a few bucks in cash, and a snack in my pocket.

001 time I will plan to eat there because there are a wide variety of meal options...Indian, Mexican, sausages...not to mention the amount of fresh fruit you can indulge in.

The main reason for my trip to Moss Street was to meet up with my friend Jen...she lives in the area and I knew an invite to the market would get her out for a coffee.  :)

003 004

Can't beat a cup of organic coffee enjoyed in the sun with friends and catching up...especially when surrounded by food and festivities.  :)  Next time I'll take James Dean and get some real shots of the actual market!

I kept my loot a little restrained this week.  The essential fresh cinnamon-sugared mini donuts, multicoloured cherry tomatoes, shelling peas, and Thai basil for the curry I'm putting together tonight.

005 IMG_9154IMG_9155IMG_9160IMG_9165

Since coffee and donuts aren't a very balanced breakfast I set my sights on a proper fresh lunch.  After not getting to Red Fish Blue Fish last week due to the insane heat, I decided to give it another go.

My friend Mikey met up with me and we wandered down to the pier to get in line.  There's always a line.  That doesn't deter us!  I will say though that it usually moves WAY faster...we were in line so long Mikey actually had to leave because he had somewhere to be.  I'm thinking I was probably in line the better part of 45 minutes.


I had nowhere to be and wasn't going to leave after 20 minutes or more, so just waited my turn.  Once I ordered my food, it was only about 7-8 minutes before I received it and was on my way.


I did have to take my meal to go though because my parking meter time was far overdue.  I pretty much ran back to my car then decided I might as well drive somewhere and sit by the water to eat.  I ate in the air conditioned joy of my car.  :)


This is the Chipotle Shrimp Tacones with Million Island dressing + pea shoots + lemon pickled onions.  There's some RBFB slaw in there too.

015 017

It was really good but actually a little boring compared to the other menu items I've had in the past.  I would definitely go back to one of the fish tacones...this was a bit too much like shrimp salad I can make at home.

Their fries are awesome though!  So crispy, and they season using salt AND pepper...which I love.  Their tartar sauce is super yum too.


I watched so many people in front of me order an Aranciata that by the time I got to order I HAD to have one.  Fizzy nom nom.


This meal totally made up for my basically non-existent breakfast.  I was full all afternoon and on into the evening.  Of course, not eating until 3:45 probably had something to do with that!

Saturday Shout Out:  to Canadian Tire.  A couple of weeks ago I bought a fancy dancy airbed to use as my spare bed for guests....I thought I got a good deal because it was on sale for about $25 off.  Well, this week the flyer came out and it was on for almost $55 off!!  I went in with my receipt and they honoured the sale price for me...and refunded me the extra $30.  Score!! 

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Jenn said...

I have never tried the Moss st market out. It looks amazing from this post, maybe Ill do that next weekend. I usually go to the James Bay farmers market. I love your blog, I just recently found it :)

Jenny said...

Looks like you had a great Saturday too! I LOVE the Moss Street market- so fun and so many great things to look at/buy. I plan on going there on Saturday coming :-)

I have never been to Red Fish Blue Fish but have heard it was good.

Hope you're day was equally great today!!

Take care,

AndreaC said...

I love the Moss St Market. I also love that walking there and back is a great workout because I get to go back up the Moss St hill :)

I haven't been to Red Fish Blue Fish in almost two years, thanks for the reminder. I know what I'm doing next Saturday.