Saturday, August 07, 2010

Sassy Mango

My Mom is here for the weekend so this will be a quick photo-heavy, word-light post before we head out to finally find me some living room tables and a much needed new vacuum.

Yesterday...Squirrelly toast with Maple Walnut Butter, sliced nanners, and a sliced fresh BC peach.

IMG_8726 IMG_8727 IMG_8728

Bigass salad for lunch. 

IMG_8731   IMG_8738

Star of the big silver bowl was Pesto Ranch dressing (mixed the leftover fresh pesto with the leftover pasta salad dressing...nom!).


Also fabulous were the leftover Pesto Coated Chicken Tenders and halved cherry tomatoes...


When life gives you cold coffee (and no microwave!) make Iced Coffee!  With light vanilla soy milk.

IMG_8739 IMG_8741

Cookie craving?  But no cookies?  How about a Choco Mint Clif Bar?


Friday evening snackies while chillin' with the Mama...

IMG_8758 IMG_8759 IMG_8760

Mango salsa came from the same fella I purchased the fun nut butters from.

IMG_8764 IMG_8765 IMG_8767

Spent much of the evening assembling my new TV stand...yay!  Tomorrow my living room may actually look like a living room.  Finally!!  Around 10pm we decided we wanted to stick with our fave mother/daughter visit tradition and order Chinese take-out.  Except that we couldn't find a place that was open past 10pm???  Weird.  So instead Mom made a Wendy's run...


What?  Three chicken fingers is WAY better than the plate full of Chinese deeeeeliciousness I had intended on chowing back. ;)

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Laura said...

Oh oh lovely your salads make me excited, very excited. oh & those chicken fingers look yummy

Cat said...

Those raincoast crisps are like crack to me....I absolutely adore them.

Lady J said...

Cat, I totally agree with you about the raincoast crisps. They were very excellent indeed so I don't think I'll buy any because I would probably eat all of them in one sitting... and that would not be a good thing!! ;o))